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Hunters of the Hen of the Woods (9/25/2023) by D. Randy Weidner
Test Calendar (1/27/2022) by John Larysz
Clark Gully Directions (7/13/2021) by Mark
Upcoming Spring 2021 Events (3/3/2021) by Mark
A Favorite Mexican Soup (9/24/2020) by Katherine
All Western Mushrooms (9/23/2019) by Mark
FLT Trail Map 11 Access 5 (9/19/2019) by Mark
(7/1/2019) by Melissa
Join our email list (4/1/2019) by Mark
Finger Lakes Trail Events (1/11/2019) by Mark
New WordPress Editor (12/8/2018) by Mark
Steege Hill Recap (11/12/2018) by Melissa
Hike Day Guidelines (10/19/2018) by Mark
It’s a girl (9/14/2018) by Mark
The Vermont Outing (8/6/2018) by John Larysz
Nundawao – The Great Hill (8/6/2018) by Mark
Hemlock Lake South Boat Launch (6/29/2018) by Mark
Genesee Valley Greenway (4/10/2018) by Mark
Canal history article (Westside News, June 3, 2002) (4/3/2018) by happiness-in-hiking
Cleveland Hill – Feb 11,2018 (2/12/2018) by Mark
Holiday Party (1/21/2018) by Melissa
Ganondagan Hike, Dec 10, 2017 (12/11/2017) by Mark
Creating a Hike Description (10/9/2017) by Mark
A Mid-Week Hike in Vermont (9/2/2017) by John Larysz
Today’s Tidbit of history – the first state park (7/15/2017) by happiness-in-hiking
Summer Hike Schedule (6/15/2017) by Mark
Memorial Day Hike at Swain (5/29/2017) by Melissa
Spring in Honeoye (5/15/2017) by Mark
Work Opportunity (5/14/2017) by Melissa
Bluebird hike at MFBBH – hike report (5/8/2017) by happiness-in-hiking
A note from Kathermine (4/28/2017) by Mark
The Genesee Valley Greenway 2017 Passport Series (4/4/2017) by happiness-in-hiking
The Genesee Valley Greenway Passport (3/31/2017) by happiness-in-hiking
The Genesee Valley Greenway State Park (3/31/2017) by happiness-in-hiking
Lost and Found (3/21/2017) by Mark
Mount Morris Winter Discovery Series 2017 (3/2/2017) by happiness-in-hiking
February 12 Steege Hill (2/13/2017) by Melissa
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (2/1/2017) by Mark
Wesley Hill Preserve (11/28/2016) by Mark
Huckleberry Bog (11/17/2016) by Mark
Stid Hill, Dugway Road Hike (10/10/2016) by Dena
Mushroom Hike Lost and Found (9/27/2016) by Mark
AWTF Mushroom Hike (9/26/2016) by Mark
Fall 2016 Schedule (9/12/2016) by Mark
Cleveland Hill Hike (7/26/2016) by Melissa
Bicentennial Cemetery Hike (5/17/2016) by Mark
Congratulations Katherine (5/2/2016) by Mark
The Valley View 4/19/2016 (4/20/2016) by Judy G. Tripp-Neu
New Hiking Brochures for 2016 (1/29/2016) by Mark
Hike at Cumming Nature Center (1/25/2016) by Mark
The Settling of Springwater (1/15/2016) by Mark
Erie Railroad (12/22/2015) by Mark
niagara falls area hike – hiker’s additional tips (10/25/2015) by happiness-in-hiking
A busy latter half of September 2015 (9/23/2015) by happiness-in-hiking
Punky Hollow – Directions (9/11/2015) by Mark
Canadice Outlet Photos (8/10/2015) by Pam
Dewolf Rd Road Walk (7/13/2015) by Amy
Wheaton Hill Report (6/29/2015) by Mark
Trail Maintenance Postponed (5/31/2015) by Mark
Hike review, May 10, 2015 (5/12/2015) by Gene
Cows and Trains (4/20/2015) by Mark
Latitude/Longitude for navigation and your GPS unit (3/16/2015) by happiness-in-hiking
Hiking Lower Rd in Naples (3/10/2015) by Pam
Kudos to Katherine (3/5/2015) by Melissa
Winterfest Hike Recap (1/20/2015) by Melissa
Springwater Trails at Winterfest (1/14/2015) by Melissa
Hike Ideas (1/12/2015) by Mark
Boughton Park Revisited (1/10/2015) by Douglas
Planning Winter Hikes (12/13/2014) by Mark
Fishers Park (11/17/2014) by Douglas
Help wanted (11/10/2014) by Mark
Steege Hill Hike Recap (11/3/2014) by Melissa
Quinoa and Winter Squash Bake (10/22/2014) by Mark
Hi Tor Clark Gully Sunnyside (9/24/2014) by Dena
Schribner Trail Building (9/23/2014) by Mark
Stid Hill Hike recap (9/20/2014) by Melissa
Stid Hill South Hike Report (9/16/2014) by Dena
Stid Hill South Directions (9/10/2014) by Dena
Hike Recap Ontario Pathways (8/18/2014) by Melissa
Stid Hill (7/28/2014) by Mark
Whiteman Gully (6/9/2014) by Mark
Lawrence Parks Recreation Area – Cohocton, NY (5/25/2014) by happiness-in-hiking
Stony Brook SP for a hike & swim – Dansville, NY (5/24/2014) by happiness-in-hiking
Summer Hike Time Change (5/24/2014) by Mark
Recap of Hi tor Hike (5/19/2014) by Melissa
Sunday Hike May 18 at Hi Tor (5/12/2014) by Melissa
Sonyea State Forest, 5/4/14 (5/6/2014) by Gene
Durand Eastman (4/28/2014) by happiness-in-hiking
Calendar (4/15/2014) by Mark
Golden Bay (3/25/2014) by Marty
Paradise? (3/25/2014) by Marty
Annual Meeting (3/24/2014) by Mark
Riding out Cyclone Lusi (3/19/2014) by Marty
Rob’s Trail (3/17/2014) by Mark
First Month (3/3/2014) by Marty
Springwater Trails ByLaws (3/1/2014) by Mark
Hiking at the Tree Farm (2/26/2014) by Mark
Buying a Car (2/20/2014) by Marty
Two more photo albums (2/16/2014) by Marty
Photo Albums (2/12/2014) by Marty
Sunday Hike February 9th (2/10/2014) by Melissa
The Trip (2/10/2014) by Marty
Finger Lakes Trail in Swain (1/28/2014) by Gene
Creamy Cherry Tomato Salad (1/21/2014) by Melissa
Hike Planning by the numbers (1/20/2014) by happiness-in-hiking
Finger Lakes Trail in Swain (1/20/2014) by Gene
Units of Measure (1/13/2014) by Marty
Comments to start 2014 (1/1/2014) by Gene
Modern science fiction (12/31/2013) by Dena
Warm weather at Tumble Hill (12/25/2013) by Mark
An Introduction to New Zealand (12/23/2013) by Marty
Happy Holidays (12/17/2013) by Mark
Holiday Hike (12/16/2013) by Mark
Weather Update – Dec 15, 2013 (12/12/2013) by Mark
Dreaming of a white Christmas (12/11/2013) by Gene
Happy Thanksgiving – 2013 (11/25/2013) by Mark
Winter Hike Planning (10/31/2013) by Mark
Schribner Rd Trail Building (10/31/2013) by Mark
Charles Elliott Winship (10/23/2013) by Mark
Basic Granola (10/9/2013) by maryNsampson
The Hemlock Shoreline (9/30/2013) by Mark
Back in Springwater (9/24/2013) by Mark
Hiking Through the Trees (9/24/2013) by Mark
Balloons and Fiddles (9/3/2013) by Mark
Canadice Lake West Side (8/26/2013) by Mark
Hike Planner Form (8/20/2013) by Mark
Hike planning – Fall 2013 (8/18/2013) by Mark
Hike Leader Form – Fall 2013 (8/18/2013) by Mark
Hemlock Lake Hike and Kayak (8/7/2013) by Mark
campout at Hi Tor (7/23/2013) by Melissa
West Hill Preserve (7/17/2013) by Gene
Canadice Trimodal (7/8/2013) by Pam
Celebrating Our Independance (7/1/2013) by Gene
Summer Schedule 2013 – Final (6/21/2013) by Mark
Poison Ivy (6/21/2013) by Mark
Canadice Triathalon (6/20/2013) by Pam
Father’s Day update (6/15/2013) by Mark
Mission Trail (6/11/2013) by Mark
Mac (6/7/2013) by Mark
2013 cicada swarm (6/4/2013) by Gene
Wheaton Hill Trail Addendum (6/1/2013) by Mark
Archaeology near Hemlock Lake (5/30/2013) by Mark
Bristol Trail (5/27/2013) by Gene
Need help ID’ing a plant (5/22/2013) by Mark
Rare sight in sky (5/21/2013) by Gene
Rattlesnake Hill (5/20/2013) by Pam
Canadice Outlet Hike (5/15/2013) by Pam
Honeoye Outlet Creek (5/2/2013) by Pam
Spring Woodland Wildflowers (4/27/2013) by Pam
Classical Idol 8 (4/20/2013) by Mark
Love is For the Birds (4/16/2013) by Gene
Springwater Center (4/12/2013) by Mark
Computer History (4/8/2013) by Mark
Our Annual Meeting (3/28/2013) by Mark
Easter Sunday – No Hike (3/28/2013) by Mark
Returning Birds (3/28/2013) by Gene
Annual Meeting Reminder (3/22/2013) by Mark
Wolf Gull (3/22/2013) by Mark
Vernal Equinox (3/18/2013) by Gene
comet visible this week (3/10/2013) by Gene
Highland Park (3/9/2013) by Mark
All Western Tree Farm (2/28/2013) by Mark
Everyone has a job (2/27/2013) by Mark
Finger Lakes Trail in Swain (2/26/2013) by Gene
Hikers (2/25/2013) by Mark
Spring is coming (2/25/2013) by Gene
Chicken and Carrot Orzo Soup (2/21/2013) by Pam
Inosculation (2/18/2013) by Mark
Spicy Cheeseburger Soup (2/18/2013) by Mark
Planning the annual meeting (2/9/2013) by Mark
Spring Hikes (2/9/2013) by Mark
Hawk Haven (2/4/2013) by Mark
Hike to the South Pole (1/29/2013) by Mark
Election of Officers (1/25/2013) by Mark
A note about the election (1/23/2013) by Mark
Wind Advisory (1/19/2013) by Mark
Upcoming event (1/16/2013) by Mark
Honeoye Inlet (1/14/2013) by Mark
Winter Fungi (1/1/2013) by Gene
Happy New Year (12/29/2012) by Mark
Tools for Trail Maintenance (12/27/2012) by Mark
Best wishes to all (12/13/2012) by Mark
Winter Animals (12/11/2012) by Gene
Rob’s Trail Image Gallery (12/10/2012) by Mark
Rob’s Trail and Canadice (12/10/2012) by Mark
Rob’s Trail – Directions (12/6/2012) by Mark
Calling all hike planners (12/3/2012) by Mark
Mendon Ponds Hike (12/3/2012) by Pam
Magnificent Mendon Park (12/3/2012) by Gene
What is an esker? (11/26/2012) by Mark
Thanksgiving break (11/19/2012) by Mark
Thorp and Warner Rds (11/19/2012) by Mark
Hike Mapping Websites (11/16/2012) by Mark
Canadice Lake East Trails (11/12/2012) by Mark
Winter’s coming (11/6/2012) by Gene
Sandy, an event to remember (11/1/2012) by Gene
Hurricane Sandy (10/29/2012) by Mark
Letchworth Hike Canceled (10/25/2012) by Mark
The Genesee Valley Canal (10/24/2012) by Mark
Two Year Anniversary (10/24/2012) by Mark
Website Photos (10/15/2012) by Mark
Gene’s Challenge (10/9/2012) by Mark
All Western Tree Farm (10/8/2012) by Mark
Fall Hiking Schedule (10/6/2012) by Mark
Our education blog (10/4/2012) by Mark
Welcome (10/4/2012) by Mark
Hemlock Lake Kayak and Hike (9/9/2012) by Mark
Bully Hill State Forest (8/26/2012) by Mark
Contact Springwater Trails (7/1/2012) by Mark

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