Return to Wolf Gull – June 29, 2014 4:00

This past winter Springwater Trail hikers explored the snowmobile trail around image005Lanning/Richards/Atlanta Garlinhouse Roads on the border of Livingston/Ontario/Steuben Counties, and extension into the unique Wolf Gull area in the Township of Naples. Access to this area is only by private road and permission from landowners. Following up on the suggestion of Mr. Shipman, local landowner, we were invited to return to the ponds where ferns were said to be 4 feet high and the aquatic life vibrant around the first of July. Boots and insect repellent is suggested.

image003Ellen Folts from Amanda’s Garden will be our Naturalist leader, following a mostly flat private road through the gull area. Ellen will identify a variety of native perennial plants, various types of ferns and wetland plants, taking time to photograph and enjoy the unique environment.

Tourists and Climbers led by Pam and Rick will explore the fields high above Wolf Gull, image001dropping 600′ into the Wolf Gull area to seek out many side roads, hunting cabins, creeks that flow both north and south, and the image004aquatic environment of the ponds.

After Hike Social will be at the Mountain View in Atlanta.


We will meet at Schum Acres on Atlanta Garlinghouse Road. Watch for our Springwater Trails sign.  Detailed directions are here.