Stid Hill

IMG_0680Seven hikers and three dogs climbed Stid Hill on Sunday.  The trail starts through a mowed field and enters forest as the climb begins.  Stid Hill is a steep hill separating Bristol Valley from Canandaigua Lake.

IMG_0673On the way up the hill, the forest was varied and included large oak trees. The ground was quite rocky. As we approached the top, we passed piles of rocks collected at the time that pastures covered the top of the hill. Here the trees were smaller.IMG_0675

The day was warm and hard on the dogs. Fortunately Joan had a water bowl for Skippy and Duffy to share. Still the stream back at the bottom of the hill was a welcome relief for everyone wearing a fur coat.

After the dogs walked through the stream, the hike ended with a bit of acrobatics getting back up onto the bridge.  Burgers were waiting at Lock Stock and Barrel just a mile down the road.