Group hikes are canceled during the NYS PAUSE

As I hope all of your know, New York State has imposed a PAUSE in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until further notice, non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason (e.g. parties, celebrations or other social events) are canceled or postponed. This includes all Springwater Trails events including our Sunday hikes. 

Hikes that are already planned, or future hikes for which hike planners want to write up descriptions, will be posted on our website in the calendar, but will not have a date and time on the main website page.

You are invited to enjoy the outdoors. Suggestions include having a beer on your deck, checking around your yard for spring projects or a short walk down the street. If you are healthy and you need a longer hike, you are welcome to search for past Springwater Trails hikes using the search bar above. 

In addition, hike leaders who have signed up to lead a hike are urged to post their hike description so that visitors to the website can explore the hike on their own. 

During this pause, you may want to contact a friend and walk together. We aren’t used to keeping the 6 foot distance between us, but if you both are aware of “social distancing”, you will find it is quite easy to chat as you walk and you come home safe and refreshed.

Just one request. Please avoid the previously scheduled location and time to avoid finding an unexpected crowd.  

Please be safe, and we hope to see you soon on the trails, at a safe distance!