Canadice Trimodal

Watching the radar screen all morning, Ann gave us a clear “heads up” for our 2nd attempt at the Canadice “Trimodal” this past Sunday on Canadice Lake and within the Hemlock/Canadice State Forest.  24 members choose to participate in 3 different recreational events:  hiking the Canadice Trail, kayaking/canoeing on the lake, or bicycling around the lake via Canadice Lake Road and the Canadice Trail.

Wendy Stevenson completed all 3 events

Wendy Stevenson completed all 3 events

Wendy Stevenson, an original board member of Springwater Parks and Trails, completed all three events, first biking 8 miles, then walking a mile with her bike, and finalizing the event with a kayak trip across the lake and back.  Family members greeter her at the completion of the trimodal.  Congratulations Wendy!

The hikers identified chantrelle Cantharelles_cibariusmushrooms along the trail, wild black raspberries, along with summer wildflowers, blossoming rose beds around old foundations, sweet peas, yarrow, oxeye daisies, day lilies and more.  Tourists and Climbers hiked the entire trail of 4 miles, but of course that was too easy for the climbers, who continued another 4 miles back to our starting point for a total of 8 miles.  Although warnings were issued about a rut on the trail, bikers unexpectantly came upon the same narrow north/south rut again near the 1 1/2 and 2 mile mark on the west side of the trail, and a near fall was experienced.  We hope this identified hazard will be fixed so that no one else will get seriously hurt.

Four kayakers and Pati’s 10′ canoe explored the west side of the lake, traveled north, then crossed the lake with a little wind and rain to return to the launch.  Watching the dark clouds carefully, Pam’s new speedy Calypso kayak got a chance to cross the lake in a mad rush to reach safety on the east shoreline.  Wave conditions can be a lot different in the middle of the lake compared to the protected shorelines, especially for a beginner. Luckily the weather held out despite the unpredictable storms that have hit the Little Finger Lakes in the past week, dumping tons of water on already saturated ground.

Congratulations to Georgia Binder Georgia Binder who completed the entire 500 mile Finger Lakes Trail.  Although she indicated it took her 7 years to complete, we all honored and toasted to her diligence and success.  After hike social along the road displayed a large array of fresh fruits, wild black raspberries, greens, salads and desserts, and every hot dog was eaten! Thanks to everyone who provided a healthy and delicious meal to pass!