The Hills of Honeoye Outlet – Sunday April 28, 2013 – 2:00PM

DEC Land at Honeoye OutletThis week we head for the hills of Honeoye Outlet.  This DEC land, located just to the north of the town of Honeoye, has a variety of terrain.  There are some wide open spaces, wetlands, a winding creek, hills with a view, and even a small woods.

All groups will gather at 2:00 at the DEC kiosk Richmond Mills Road, CR 15.

Google Earth view of DEC trailsClimbers, led by Ann, will head out to the north from the yellow gate, along the creek, following the blue trail for about a mile.  Hopefully sights and sounds of Spring will be peeking out from the creekside and the fields.The group will veer left at a junction with a trail heading uphill.  They will circuit then enter a small wooded area, eventually heading up hill, as climbers do.  At the top there are sights to behold.  Straight ahead there is a magnificent luxury home.  To the right is a splendid view of the valley.  To the left is a wooded trail back down “the mountain”.  On the return trip the group may want to explore the area of fields and hedgerows that we visited on our pre hike.  The route back to the vehicles is the same.

Naturalists will begin their hike with the Climbers but travel at their own pace.  Instead of climbing the hill, they will stay and explore the flatland  area for plant and animal life that the fast people miss.

Tourists, led by Melissa, will head off from the parking area in an easterly direction across a field.  After a half mile they will turn north and head up a gradual hill.  At the top they will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the valley.   After exploring the top of the hill the group will head down to the west then amble along Honeoye Creek for a mile or so to return to their vehicles.  Some of you may enjoy a 3D preview of the hike.  Click Here.

Directions    The starting point is a small parking area and kiosk on the north side of County Road 15 (aka Richmond Mills Rd.) 2 tenths of a mile east of County Rd. 37.  There is ample parking in the gravel lot and on the shoulders of CR 15.

The after Hike Social will be hosted by Linda Evanski at her home on Blue Heron Lane.  Directions will be available at the hike.  Please bring a dish to pass and a beverage of your choice.