Snowmobile Trail – Richards Rd to Garlinghouse Rd & Wolf Gull – February 2, 2014 2:00

Click this image for a full map of the Hill and Valley Riders snowmobile trails.Thanks to the Hill and Valley Riders and local landowners, we have permission to hike/snow shoe/cross country ski the C-4 Snowmobile and Feeder Trails in the East Springwater area, high above the hilltops that divide Livingston, Ontario and Steuben Counties. This scenic area offers views of the Cohocton Valley, windmills, and the unique secluded area and ponds of Wolf’s Gull and surrounding forests.

Considering that the parking on the road may be difficult, we will meet at the Schum-Acres Dairy Farm on Garlinghouse Road. From there we will car pool to the entrance of Richards Road just off Pardee Hollow Road and place other cars at the pick up points on Pardee Hollow and Garlinghouse Road. This will require some cooperation among drivers, organizing into selected skill groups. Hikers may want to take a peak inside the milking barns which is one of the largest in the area
distributing their raw milk to Land of Lakes.

Above Wolf GullNaturalists and Cross Country Skiers will hike on Richards Road with a goal to reach the views at the top of Richards Road.  They will return back down Richards Rd to the start point.  or extended hike up and across the hill following the C-4 snowmobile trail to another pick up location on the lower part of Pardee Hollow Road. Tourists and Climbers will hike or snow shoe Richards Road to the top, and use C-4, S44 and the HVR-14 Feeder Trail to drop into Wolf Gull and exit on Garlinghouse at either the north or south end of the Gull. Cars will be placed at the exits for rides back to Schum Acres.

Since we are hiking on the snowmobile trail, hikers need to be respectful and offer snowmobiles the right of way. Upon hearing an upcoming snowmobile, hikers will pass all to one side, and offer thanks. We wish to continue this relationship with Hill Valley Riders for pursuing our Springwater Trail development. We also have been invited in late June to rehike the Wolf Gull Area where Mr. Shipman claims the ponds are full of life and 5 ft. ferns.

After hike social will be at the Mountain View Inn in Atlanta. Don’t worry you won’t miss the Super Bowl.

Directions to Schum Acres on Garlinghouse Rd.

From Springwater: go to Wayland and follow those directions.

From Wayland: take Rt 21N for 5.6 miles. Turn left on Co Rd 38  (Garling House Rd AKA Rowe Rd). Park on the north (left) side about 1.1 miles from Rt 21.  (about 0.3 miles past Pardee Hollow Rd).

From Honeoye: take W Lake Rd south. Turn right onto French Hill Rd. At the tee (at Dug Rd) turn right to stay on French Hill Rd. Take the first left on Garlinghouse/Atlanta Rd. After 1.1 miles park on the right (north) side.