New Hiking Brochures for 2016

Springwater Trails has published two new brochures including our calendar of hikes.

The Winter 2016 Brochure includes hikes on Sundays at 2:00PM from January through March. The Bicentennial 2016 Brochure contains nine hikes held on the third Sunday of each month starting in April.

On April 17, 1816, the State Legislature passed an act to create the town of Springwater from 3 miles of the Town of Sparta and 5.5 miles of the Town of Naples. This reorganization took place on the April 7, 1817 and the first Annual Town Meeting was held on April 9, 1817.  Springwater Trails has planned a series of 9 hikes to celebrate, starting on the 200 year anniversary of the legislative action.  The hikes will explore the town, the historical buildings, and the great views of the town.  Please join us.

Additional events are being planned around the town.  Find more information here.