Stid Hill, Dugway Road Hike

It was overcast and a chill was in the air but, thankfully, it did not rain…our hike Sunday brought together 14 people (11 regulars and 3 new – Char’s co-worker and her two children) to explore the area. Resplendent with many varieties of mushrooms – some of which even Gene & Georgia weren’t familiar with – the trails were easy on us, thanks to the dry weather.

Two hikes were offered and each one provided much of the same terrain and views, albeit from parallel trails. Our biggest challenge was avoiding some pretty serious horse dropping piles… As we passed through a forest of thorn trees which emitted an aura of dark spookiness, there was a hush amongst the group; when we entered the pine tree forest with its peaceful softness, smiles abounded.

There were no awesome climbs or treacherous jumps over ravines – it was a much different side of Stid Hill, a nice, easy amble. Hunters are typically further south so we did not have to deal with that on our walk. Several hikers brought back “souvenirs” and there were numerous mushrooms slated for identification by the Rochester Mushroom Society in the near future.

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