Annual Meeting

maple weekend 136Springwater Trails had a busy day on Sunday.  The day started before 8:00 AM when Char, Pati and Bob headed north from Springwater to serve pancakes at Stoney Ridge Maple Farm.  They were joined by John, Linda and Mark who traveled from Fairport. In spite of the wind and cold, and all of our nervousness, the weekend proceeded smoothly.  maple weekend 116But looking back, how can you fail will a meal consisting of fresh Maple Syrup supported by pancakes.

The afternoon hike was made possible by Bob, Joe, Char, Patti and the Masterson’s who held the fort at Stoney Ridge.  Fifteen hikers “enjoyed” an icy and windy hike to the top of the Giles/Schribner hills for views of the Springwater valley and then met for a social and the 2nd Annual Meeting for Springwater Trails, Inc.  Gene provided a lively discussion about the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.  Over the next 5 hikes, Springwater Trails will be looking for signs of this invasive insect that attacks Hemlocks as close to Springwater as Watkins Glen and Letchworth Parks.

Official business of the Annual meeting included the adoption of By-laws from the group and election of officers for 2014.  Thanks to Rick, Melissa, Katherine, Joan and Mark for agreeing to serve.  And thanks to everyone who has volunteered with the group to coordinate and plan our hikes, to help build and maintain our trails, to help with our fund raising, or most importantly to share some time with us during our hikes.