Comments to start 2014

As we begin a new year, ever consider all we can be grateful for?  How about having the good fortune to live in an area that has distinct and diverse seasons.  This gives us the opportunity, on Sunday afternoons, to enjoy the diversity, on the many neat hiking trails, and other resources, in the Western Finger Lakes Region.  It’s also nice to look forward to a good, usually full course, Sunday evening meal, enjoying the great fellowship of our fellow hikers.

On December 22, Don and Marty introduced us to new trails at Tumble Hill Campground.  Most hikers climbed the hill and were rewarded with a close-up view of one of the Cohocton wind turbines.  Our gratitude to Dena and Marty for posting their nice article and pictures.  Isn’t it nice to see us getting our energy from a natural source, rather than desecrating our beautiful landscape by subterranean shale fracturing?  If you want to see what it does, just cross the state line, into Pennsylvania.  Debra, the campground manager, is enthusiastic about our group, and welcomes our participation there.  I talked to her about coming back, maybe in July.  Let’s hope it’s a hot, sunny day, because they have a small lake, where they have built a swimming beach, with tables, where we can have our social, and get pleasant relief from the heat.

Our gratitude also to Tom and Jerri for sharing their fantastic vacation and adventure in New Zealand.  It’s always nice to enjoy other areas in our diverse planet.  For what it’s worth, this can help you enjoy it more.  We are the only country in the world that still uses the antiquated, English origin, measuring system.  Every other country is now using metric, including Canada.  So, if you learn the metric system, which is very easy, and “think metric”, you’ll have a better understanding of what they’re saying.  This way, if they tell you the temperature is 30 degrees, you won’t go for your sweater.  If you must convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, a quick way is to double the Celsius temp, and add 30.  Try it with 30 degrees C.

And, we definitely owe a big debt of gratitude to Rick, for planning 3 months of some pretty terrific hikes.  Looks like he’s leading most of them, himself.  If you haven’t volunteered to lead a hike this period, I’m sure he would appreciate any help you’d care to give him.

See you on the trail, in our winter wonderland.

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