Springwater Trails ByLaws

At this year’s annual meeting, in addition to electing officers for 2014, the executive board will ask the membership to approve our organization’s By-Laws.  You may read the By-Laws that have been approved by the board.  They aren’t very complex, but a brief summary may be helpful.

Article 1: We describe the purpose of the organization.  This purpose is included in our certificate of incorporation and includes the building of a hiking trail around Springwater and to provide opportunities to hike for residents and visitors to Springwater.

Article 2: Memberships may be purchased for $20 ($30 for a family of two) and entitle the members to vote for the executive board and for other issues brought up at a meeting of the membership.  Honorary memberships earned by service to the organization provide all of the rights of membership.

Article 3: The annual meeting is described.  A quorum at the annual meeting or other meetings of the membership is set at 10% of the current members.

Article 4: The organization has four elected officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Their responsibilities are described in this article.  In addition two other officers may be appointed by the board: a Trail Master and a VP of Hiking.  The board intends to appoint a Trail Master this coming year.

Article 5: The executive board can appoint committees as needed.  Currently we have no committees.

Article 6: The Treasurer is authorized to manage the finances including setting up bank accounts and paying bills.

Article 7: We will follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article 8:  The by-laws may be amended by a vote of 2/3 of members present at the annual meeting or at a special meeting.

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