Creating a Hike Description

Part of the responsibility of a Hike Planner is to write up a description of the hike. Primarily this description advertises the hike so our members can choose whether to attend the hike. These descriptions are also available in the future for individual hikers who would like to enjoy the area of the hike, and to hike planners who want inspiration from a past hike.

Please note: Your hike should already be on the calendar.  At the start of the season, the Seasonal Coordinator will post the season calendar with each hike as a separate event on the calendar. As the hike planner, you will be updating the event (that means you don’t need to use “Add New” to create an event).

As you work on the details of the hike, this event should be updated to keep everyone informed. This can be done at any time up to the date of the hike. Assuming the description is complete a week ahead of the hike, the description will appear as part of the home page on Monday morning.

NOTE: as you compose your hike description please avoid including last names, phone numbers and personal addresses. The website is a public forum and this private information does not mix well. And, get permission before you post pictures of identifiable people. Also, any offensive posts will be immediately removed.

The following instructions will help you update your hike plan.

FINAL NOTE: Hike descriptions are entered as Events rather than Posts or Pages. Since our Sunday hikes are entered prior to the season, you only need to edit the event (not create a new one). The only time you need to create an event is when you add a hike organized by some other group.

loginThe first step is to log into the website. The login process reduces the likelihood that strangers to Springwater will add inappropriate content to the website.

Click on Log in at the upper right corner of the webpage. A form will appear requesting a Username and a Password. If you do not know your Username, or your Password, click on Lost your password? and enter your email on the page that comes up. An email will be sent to you with instructions for creating a new password. Send an email to if you have trouble.

  1. When you log in, you will be placed on the dashboard.  If not, you will see a black bar at the top.  Under “Springwater Trails”, select Dashboard.  If the black bar isn’t available, try entering the address (You may want to add this as a favorite in your browser).
  2. In the upper right corner you should see “Screen Options”.  Click on that and uncheck Quick Draft.  You don’t need to do this again, and you won’t be confused by the Quick Draft which we do not use.
  3. Click on Events on the left menu.
  4. This is where you will see your own events. You can click on the Event date/time header in the list of events to sort them by the date of the hike. Hover over the hike you want to update and click on Edit in the menu that appears.

The first time you edit an Event, please click on Screen Options in the upper right. Then put checks on the following: Categories, Tags, Event Details, Enable full-height editor. This will make your screen match the description below. I recommend 2 columns if your screen is wide enough.

  1. You may adjust the title of the hike on the first line. You may adjust the date and time of the event if these change.
  2. You should click on Event Location Details to enter the exact location where we will be meeting before the hike. Note that the Title of the event and the Venue Name will appear in the Newsletter on the website. So don’t repeat the title as the venue. For example, if the hike is at Hi Tor, you might enter the title as Hi Tor, and the venue as DEC Parking area on Rt 245. Enter an address on the address line to get the map approximately correct. Then you can check the “Show Map” box and move the red marker to the start point. Often the Satellite view will help you to see the actual parking area.
  3. Enter the hike description in the large area under the Event Location Details. This area is a simple HTML editor appropriate for our website. You should notice that there are two tabs on this editor window, one labeled Visual and one labeled Text. Generally, you want the Visual tab unless you understand HTML.
  4. Type in your Hike Description. Think like a reporter and an advertiser. The first paragraph should give an overview of the hike and grab the reader’s interest. Do you remember the five W’s of a good story?
  5. Include one or two pictures for interest. If you do a preview hike (highly recommended), then take five or six pictures as you hike so you have something to choose from.
  6. Help direct your readers to additional information with hyperlinks.
  7. Add directions at the bottom.  If this is at a common location for our hikes, you may find directions already on the site – in another browser window, select Directions and enter the location of the hike in the upper part of the home webpage to seach for directions.  Use that link as the target of a hyperlink behind the word Directions:. Otherwise, write out directions from the center of Springwater and possibly from other locations such as Honeoye, Dansville, Naples and Rochester. The goal of directions is to ensure that hikers know where to park and how to get there without. getting stuck in a farmer’s field.
  8. The newsletter articles are selected based on the category you assign. Make sure your hike description has the Category of Sunday Hikes checked. Please only check the one category.
  9. You may set tags to help searches. A good tag is the general area such as Hi Tor or Finger Lakes Trail.
  10. Click on Update to save your changes.

Finally, you may find you want to edit your hike description. You may have misspelled a word, or you may have left out directions to the starting point. Or maybe you just want to add a comment about what you saw on your prehike.  For whatever reason, feel free to edit the event whenever you feel it is needed – it works the same way and saves your latest changes and displays them.

Weekend Two of Maple Weekend 2015

Stoney Ridge Farms 102Last weekend we all had a good time at Maple Weekend with nearly 200 visitors each day.  We are looking forward to a chilly Saturday and a beautiful Sunday this weekend.

Come join us for “all you can eat” Pancakes accompanied by Sausage, Coffee, Apple Juice, and Maple Syrup.

HINT: Come around 11:30, the lines are shorter after the early rush!

WHEN:  March 28 and 29, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
WHERE: 625 County Road 28
Palmyra, NY 14522
COST:   $7.00 Pancake and Sausage Breakfast
$5.00 Children under 12

Stoney Ridge Farms 090

More information at Stoney Ridge Farms (NY).

Directions (43.0088, -77.2764) available here.


Directions to Stoney Ridge Farms in Farmington, NY

maple weekend 123Stoney Ridge Farms is located at 625 County Road 28 in the Town of Farmington (PO Palmyra) New York.

Directions (43.0088, -77.2764)

From the South

From Route 332 in Canandaigua, turn right on County Road 28. Go 7.6 miles. Stoney Ridge Farms is 1 mile past thruway overpass on right. Turn right on Rushmore Road and park.

From Honeoye, Follow US 20A E for 7 miles.  Turn left on NY 64 for 3.7miles.  At the light, turn right on US 20. After 2.9 miles, bear left onto Buffalo St Extension.  In 2.6 miles, turn left on Rt 332 (N Main St).  In a half mile, turn right on North St (CR 28) for 3.7 miles.  Turn right on Rushmore Rd and immediately into the Sugar House parking area.

maple weekend 113From the East

From Thruway Exit in Manchester, take Route 21S in Manchester to Rt. 96N. Go 3 miles, turn right on County Road 28, go 2 miles to Stoney Ridge Farms, turn right onto Rushmore Road and park.

From the West

From 490E, take last exit to Rt. 96S in Victor. Follow Rt. 96S, 8 miles to County Road 28, turn left. Go 2 miles to Stoney Ridge Farms on right. Turn right on Rushmore Road and park.

From the North

From Fairport and Palmyra take Rt. 31. Turn on to County Road 28 (Macedon Rd.) Follow to Rushmore Road, turn left and park.

Erie Canal towpath, Sunday, March 22

081Following a successful pancake day at Stony Ridge Maple Farm, that helped raise usful funds for our organization, 8 hikers and 2 dogs assembled at nearby West Wayne Plaza at the east end of Macedon, for our Sunday afternoon hike, this day on the towpath that was constructed alongside the Erie Canal for mules to tow the merchandise laden barges.  Temp was in the cool 20s, sky was clear, and a moderate wind was blowing from the west.  There was a couple of inches of fresh snow that had fallen that morning.  Previous snow had melted, on most of the path that we hiked.

082Crossing SR 31, hikers reached the towpath, on the south side of the canal.  A 4 mile hike was planned, going east, toward Palmyra, and back.  Georgia drove her car to the parking lot at the Yellow Mill Restaurant, and walked west to join the group, so that hikers, who didn’t want to do all 4 miles, would have the option of hiking a little over half. The first mile was fairly open.  Then we encountered some low shrubbery including roses, raspberries and invasive swallowort.  After crossing Yellow Mill Rd., we encountered areas of deep snow, that hadn’t previously melted.  Our destination was our first canal lock, and the park next to it.  Several signs were present, relating some of the history of the Erie Canal.  The group was favorable to the idea of scheduling a towpath hike during the summer, where biking and kayaking options could be offered, concluding the day utilizing the picnic table pavilion and restrooms, in the park.

083We turned back west.  3 hikers ended at Yellow Mill Rd., and rode back to the start. The other 5 hiked back there, making a 4 mile hike.  4 of us went to the Macedon Hills Family Restaurant for dinner.