Thanksgiving Vacation – No hike November 30.

Thank you for checking the Springwater Trails website. Generally Springwater Trails leads a two hour hike starting at 2:00PM on Sunday,  (during the months of June, July and August, we start at 4:00) and this spot provides details about the hike.  We are taking this week off to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend.

You can keep up with our planning for the Winter Season of Springwater Trails hikes.  Check on the preliminary schedule.  If you want to help plan a hike this winter please contact our Winter Hike Coordinator at [email protected].

Springwater Trails is building a public hiking trail around the town of Springwater.  We are setting up a committee chaired by our Trail Master, Rick Henchen, to plan the details of this trail and to work with the DEC, and with other landowners in Springwater to continue the work on this trail.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact us at [email protected].

Finally, please check back here next week for information about our hike at Stony Brook Park.