Dewolf Rd Road Walk

Looking west

Looking west from Parish Hill

The usual suspects and a few fresh faces braved the heat for a pleasant, but buggy walk around Parish Hill.

We broke into 3 groups. Everyone knows by now that Gene has only one thing on his mind this time of year…berries. He and three similarly minded folks remained on top of the hill and harvested red raspberries in the meadow. None of which turned up at the social.


Italy Valley from the Bristol Branch Jump Off

The Climbers branched off along the Finger Lakes Trail (Bristol Branch) to visit the spectacular view of Italy Valley. They then backtracked and eventually met up with the Tourists who traversed the rocky remains of Wood Hill Rd. Bassett and Brink Hill roads made for a great chance to catch up on everyone’s week as we were able to walk side by side all the way back to the cabin on Dewolf.

Woods Hill Rd

Wood Hill Rd

Pati set the pace with the neighborhood dog, Beamer, the only one who could keep up. Duffy stayed with the climbers and traveled twice as far shuttling between Linda and Mark.

The social was a feast of summer delights.

All in all a great hike and good workout.

See you next week!

Enjoy the pictures below, thanks to Char and Amy.