Total Lunar Eclipse – Sept 27, 2015

IMG_1825We had a Lunar Eclipse party last night with 10 guests from Springwater, Wayland and Rochester.  This was the first eclipse party I had been to, and it turned out to be a great way to watch the moon disappear.  We definitely benefited from the clear skies, the pleasant temperatures and the timing of the eclipse which started just after 9:00 pm and was total from 10:11 to 11:23.  I remember getting our boys up at 3:00AM to look at a previous eclipse – yesterday’s was much more convenient.

For most of our guests, the evening began with a drive to Schribner Rd and a beautiful view of the moon rising in the east.  This evening coincided with the moon being at its closes point to the earth.  Since the moon’s orbit is elliptical, rather than perfectly circular, the distance to the full moon is different each month.  Since this moon was closer than usual, the moon appeared larger and brighter than usual. This may be one reason everyone mentioned how big the moon looked – however, I also suspect that the clear sky also contributed to this comment.  At any rate, according to Wikipedia, the moon appears about 14% larger when it is at the closest point, compared to the farthest point of the orbit.  The common name for when a full moon occurs on the closest point is a Super Moon, although astronomers appear to prefer the term perigee-syzygy, a combination of two words most of us will only see in a crossword puzzle or on the scrabble board.

The next total eclipse visible in Springwater will occur on January 21, 2019 and will be totally in the shadow at  11:41, an hour and a half later than last nights eclipse and probably multiple degrees colder! This will not be a Super Moon eclipse, but if the weather cooperates again, it will be worth watching.  If you do, you may notice that the top of the moon will remain nearly white throughout the totality because the moon is crossing the upper part of the earths shadow.  Anyway, it’s not too early to plan your eclipse party!

Thanks to Pati for sharing the picture of the eclipse soon after the start of being totally in shadow.



A busy latter half of September 2015

Well, Springwater Fiddlers Fair 2015 is now history, and so too the rains that periodically fell on the day of Saturday, Sept 19th, 2015.  Thanks go to all volunteers and participants!

Now, looking ahead in time-frame ’til the end of September, we find other activities and options on the Springwater Trails calendar plentiful, as evidenced by the listings on the righthand column of the website homepage.

And too, for hikers looking to take in a unique opportunity on Sunday, Sept 27th, 2015 just prior the 2:00PM S/T hike in Nunda, there is the long standing annual community celebration of St Michael’s Day (St Michael’s Feast Day) in form of a community Pig Roast and music by Steel Alchemy community steel drum band and also by The Geneseo String Band.  All held on the front lawn of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Geneseo, at 23 Main Street, starting approx 11:45AM or so (commencing following the 10:30AM worship services).  This is a free community outreach event, no admittance fee or donation required.   All are welcome, to church worship services and/or the St Michael’s Day Feast celebration, whether “dressed to the nines” or in hiking attire or work clothes.  – – A number of S/T hikers have indicated interest and intent to go prior to the hike.  If you go, you may find yourself torn in prying yourself away in time to make it to the hike, with all the great music, food, and community celebration. – –   (If you really want to make a donation in appreciation of this celebration, one would guess that a non-perishable donation for the community food drive would be greatly appreciated, albeit not even suggested in the event announcement.)

Some other happenings. *** In 2015, Autumnal Equinox is Sept 23, Wednesday. (The S/T website has an article of the kin Vernal Equinox.)    ***A full moon, this one also sometimes called a blood moon, as the moon turns red, will delight in a Total Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27th-28th, Sunday into Monday, visible in our Finger Lakes Region of NYS.   (Total eclipse event starts at 8:11PM Sunday, is at maximum at 10:47PM Sunday, and ends at 1:22AM on Monday.)    And perhaps also of interest to S/T hikers Sunday, Sept 27th Sunset is 6:59PM, while Moonrise is 6:51PM.   (This full moon is a “supermoon”, so moonrise will be spectacular for viewing).

National Hunting & Fishing Days are Sat & Sun 9/26 & 27/2015, and in recognition an event will be held at Mumford Sportsmen’s Club, 8667 Gulf Rd, Mumford, NY, both days 10AM-5PM.  Co-sponsored by NYSDEC and organizer Livingston County Federation of Sporting Clubs.  Numerous vendors, displays, and activities related to conservation/wildlife take place during these two days.

One last note on celestial bodies, light, hiking, and after-hike socials.  Sunday, Nov 22, 2015 (three days from full moon) with sunset at 4:41PM and moonrise at 3:29PM could possibly work for an outdoor after-hike social, if conditions otherwise lend themselves. At discretion of the Hike Planner of that day’s hike. Of course, for such possibilities having in place a “Plan B” is always a good thing.  Autumn 2015 (Springwater Trails hiking season) Full Moons: Oct 27, Nov 25, Dec 25 (Christmas Day).

Bristol Trail Maintenance, Thursday, September 24, 8 AM

This Thursday morning will be our last work session this year, on our section of the Bristol Hills Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail, between Clement Rd (access 3), and the DEC garage on SR 245 (access 5).  We will meet at 8 AM at the tables outside Bob and Ruth’s, in Naples, to plan our day.  There we can get coffee and breakfast items, if desired, and, most important, use their plumbing facilities.  Bring work gloves and tools, such as loppers.  The Nature Conservancy will also have a work party that day, working on their West Hill Preserve section, meeting at the Seman Road trailhead, at 9:30.

Hiking trails require constant maintenance to keep them usful for hiking.  Please join us, if you can, to help make this beautiful trail accessable and enjoyable for the coming winter season.  Any questions, contact Gene at [email protected] or 728-5166.

The Springwater Fiddler’s Fair and American Crafts Show at Punky Hollow Farm – Driving Directions

Directions to the Fiddler’s Fair Parking lot: (Bus transportation is available to Punky Hollow during the fair)

Notice: GPS is notoriously bad in this area.  You want to avoid the following roads: Liddiard Rd, Coates Rd, Richards Rd and Peglow Rd as they are seasonal, which many people will interpret as closed and abandoned.  Also please avoid Pardee Hollow Rd between Tabors Corners Rd and Dutch Hollow because of foot traffic for the fair. If you need GPS, select Dutch Hollow and Tabors Corners Rd, Wayland, NY and follow Dutch Hollow Rd to the other end.  From the South East, select Pardee Hollow and Garlinghouse Rd, N Cohocton, NY and follow Pardee Hollow to Dutch Hollow and the parking lot.

From Rochester: Follow Rt 15A south through Lima and Hemlock. From the intersection with Rt20A south of Hemlock, continue on Rt 15A for 9.9 miles and take a sharp left turn on Wheaton Hill Rd (CR 16). At the tee, at the top of the hill, turn left onto Wetmore Rd and take the first right onto Tabors Corner Rd. After 0.4 miles, take a slight left onto Dutch Hollow Rd. After 3.6 miles, the parking area is on the left at the intersection with Pardee Hollow Rd.

From Springwater: go North on 15A for .8mi from the light. Turn right on Wheaton Hill Rd. At the tee, at the top of the hill, turn left onto Wetmore Rd and take the first right onto Tabors Corner Rd. After 0.4 miles, take a slight left onto Dutch Hollow Rd. After 3.6 miles, the parking area is on the left at the intersection with Pardee Hollow Rd.

From Wayland: take Rt 21N for 5.6 miles. Turn left on Co Rd 38 (Garling House Rd AKA Rowe Rd). Take the first left onto Pardee Hollow Rd and continue for 3.8 miles. The parking area is on the right at the intersection with Dutch Hollow Rd.

From Honeoye: take W Lake Rd south. Turn right onto French Hill Rd. At the tee (at Dug Rd) turn right to stay on French Hill Rd. Take the first left on Garlinghouse/Atlanta Rd. Go Right on Pardee Hollow Rd and continue for 3.8 miles. The parking area is on the right at the intersection with Dutch Hollow Rd.