Reynolds Gull to Wheaton Hill (42.668085,-77.591366)

This month for trail building, rather than cutting roses, we are going to work on finding a good route for a trail from Reynolds Gull to Wheaton Hill trails.  I just got back from a pre-hike and it was great fun. I scrambled down and up six separate gullies.  Lets see if we can find a bit easier route.  Bring your voice recorder, or a pen and notepad, to take notes.

We will meet at the Reynolds Gull parking lot, across Rt 15A from the entrance to the South Boat Launch on Hemlock Lake.

Park on East shoulder for Green Ash trail

Park on West shoulder for Green Ash trail

The Naturalists and any hikers who would prefer to walk rather than scramble will drive south on 15A.  There are three trails on the west side of the road we would like to explore. Exit from the Reynolds Gull parking lot and turn left on 15A.  Drive 1.1 miles south to the Green Ash Loop.  It is recommended that you park on the shoulder.  Take the loop (go left at the first branch, then stay to the right until you return to that intersection.

Root View parking is on the West side also.

Root View parking is on the West side also.

Head back to the road.  Now drive 0.5 miles north on 15A to the Root View trail.  This area has an entrance you can drive (slowly) onto the grass.  Park and walk the  trail – this has been mowed this season and is easy to follow.  Stay to the right at the first branch.  There is a nice view north to Hemlock Lake from a bench.  Return along the same path to 15A.  The Climbers and Tourists will meet you at the Root View parking area for a ride back to the main cars.

The Tourists and Climbers will head up the old logging road to the south from the parking lot. The trail is overgrown with the usual rose bushes, so you may want to bring gloves and hand clippers.  At the corner where the road turns east, we will head south following the orange tapes.  This will get us off the overgrown road.

A brief description of each gully:

  1. This one can be avoid by walking upstream.
  2. Number two goes up past the edge of the DEC land.  We can explore for a better spot than I took.
  3. Upstream, we can cross just above a nice waterfall. See the picture below.
  4. Walking downstream, this gully joins #5 and they can both be crossed.
  5. This is small and can be crossed most anywhere.  If we go downstream we join #6 just before it goes under 15A.
  6. Heading upstream, this gully can be crossed at the end of the Pine Trail from Wheaton Hill.
  7. Follow this gully downstream until close to 15A.  Turn south and there is a reasonable exit to 15A across from the Root View Trail.

Gully 3 Falls WebThe Reynolds Gull parking area is on the East side of 15A, 2.2 miles north of the 15/15A intersection in Springwater, and 8.8 miles south of the 15A/20A (Honeoye Rd) intersection in Hemlock.

After our hike, we will meet at the Hemlock Grill to share thoughts on the possible routes.