Schribner Valley Hike and Holiday Social – 2:00 PM – Sunday, December 14, 2014

Three weeks ago, we worked on a portion of the Springwater Trail through Schribner Valley.  Join us on Sunday for a hike through the woods and across the fields above the valley.  IMG_0239Based on how much it snows this week, the hike will be adjusted to take advantage of the weather.  So, check back here Sunday morning for an update on the conditions and suggestions on what gear to bring.

Meanwhile, find your snowshoes, your cross country skis, and your winter boots, and all the rest of your winter gear.  If it isn’t needed this week, it will be needed soon!

IMG_0249We will meet at Mark and Linda’s home (8664 Schribner Rd) and will split into two or three groups, depending on conditions.  One group will have the ultimate goal of the fields at the top of the hill where you will feel like you are on the top of the world.  The other group will look for level routes down the valley, taking advantage of some routes that are impassible in the summer.

Following the hike, join us for a holiday social.  Please bring a dish to pass and your own beverage, or make a small contribution to our social fund.  And bring your favorite holiday music and we will all sing along with you.

aDirections:  Please come up Schribner Rd from Tabors Corners Rd.  If you have a GPS, check that it is taking you to Tabors Corners and not to the Strutt St end of Schribner, and not to the Quanz Rd end of Giles Rd since they are seasonal and are not plowed.  Click here for detailed directions.

One thought on “Schribner Valley Hike and Holiday Social – 2:00 PM – Sunday, December 14, 2014

  1. At 9:30, it is 38 degrees here and it looks like it is going to warm up. There are six inches of snow on the ground – Linda went out skiing last evening and said it was great, but we are expecting it to be a bit sloppier today.

    Frankly, waterproof boots with some traction devices attached will probably be the best. Snowshoes and skis will also work. We will adjust according to conditions and the equipment you bring.

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