Bristol Trail, Sunday May 26, 2013 – 2 PM – (42.6863,-77.417)

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  Those days of soda and pretzels and beer.

Hey climbers, feel up to a good vertical challenge, with a great view at the top?  Oy, do we have a hike for you!  The horizontal distance is only 3.2 miles but, don’t let that fool you because the vertical is about 600 feet, and steep, first up, then down.  If this is for you, then follow Jerri in a carpool, from the meeting area south, then right on Clement Rd.  You will see a sign for the south entrance to Camp Cutler, where you can park a few cars.  Then, a short walk west, past a black mailbox, to a post with 2 vertical orange blazes, is your trailhead.  The trail is well marked with orange blazes and Jerri, and her sweep, will be provided with maps.  Your hike will end at our meeting place lot.  Just one bit of bad news.  The hike is through boy scout Camp Cutler and state regulations prohibit dogs in children’s camps.  Mac and Duffy won’t be on this hike so, don’t tell them, or they won’t love me any more.

So, if this climb isn’t for you, or if your poochie makes you an offer you can’t refuse, then carpool to Ontario County Park, Take the park road to the west side, where you will see several parking areas near the “Jumpoff” sign.  Follow the orange blazed trail, to the meeting lot, about 3 miles.  Leaders will have maps.  It’s mostly downhill, and gradual, with an interesting beaver pond near the end.  When you get to CR 33, you will need to walk a short ways north to get to the lot. If there is anyone who would rather not do this hike, I will be glad to lead a nature walk on the park trails where we will try to identify birds, flowers, trees, or whatever we may encounter.

Festivities will start at 2 PM in our meeting place, the large parking lot by Access 2, on CR 33.  From Main St. in Naples, look for the Bristol Valley Theater and fire station, on the west side.  Turn on the street going west, then, an immediate right.  Carefully follow the green CR 33 signs, turning where indicated, and proceed on 33.  When you pass Porter Rd, on the right, you have 1.2 miles.  A glance to your left will show you the climber’s hill.  When you see a dark red barn on yourt right, slow down.  The parking lot, where we’re meeting, is on your left.  We’ll try to have our sign out around 1:30.

After our enjoyable hikes, bring your soda, pretzels and beer to pavillion 4, in Ontario County Park.  Our generous social committee has rented a covered pavillion, in case any of you tried to feed margerine to Mother Nature.  There are 3 picnic tables under the pavillion, and 1 outside of it, where we can put our food, if it isn’t raining.  Should be enough seating but, wouldn’t hurt to bring a lawn chair.  There is also a grill and we’ll bring a bag of charcoal, in case any of you would like to use it.  From the parking area mentioned above, walk down the road blocked by the huge rock.  Turn to your right and look for the most cheerful group in the park, by the second pavillion.  There is a water faucet nearby and, if there’s a need for relief, plumbing facilities are a short walk away, as well as lots of trees.

You’ll wish that summer would always be here.

Directions: Please view the Google directions here.