Robinson’s Loops Hikes – September 23, 2012

These trails are located adjacent to the Swain Ski Area, and are named for the Robinson Family who once owned it. All of the loops branch off the main FLT, marked with white blazes.

All groups will set off from the parking area at the end of Mill Street in Swain. Hikers will travel on the main FLT (white blazes) for about .5 miles along an old rail bed to a gate where the yellow loop branches off.

At this point, the Naturalists will being to follow the Yellow Loop. They will drop down and hike eastward for approximately 1 mile along a stream, parallel to the main trail. The Yellow trail ends at a junction with the main trail at which point the hikers will make a sharp right turn and head back towards Swain. Total, about 2 miles.

The Tourist Group and Climbers will continue on the level White Trail for another mile to the beginning of the Blue Loop. They will make a gradual climb of about 1 mile to a lovely view on Isaaman Hill. They will continue on along the edge of a field for another mile. At this point the blue trail joins the Orange Loop. Decision time!

Tourists will go right on the Orange trail for a 1 mile walk down hill through a beautiful gully, back to the main trail, then hike west for about a mile back to Swain. Total hike 4 miles.

Climbers ( intrepid group that they are) will go left on the Orange Loop and continue for another 2 miles or so, through the woods, mainly down hill, until it rejoins the main trail about .5 miles form the start. The total hike for Climbers is about 5 miles.

After the hike, we will gather at the Sierra Inn in Swain for food and beverages.


Hikers are welcome to carpool from the Town Hall in Springwater or from the Municipal Parking lot on the right side of Clara Barton St (Rt 36) in Dansville across from Church St. If you do not carpool, we will meet at Mill St in Swain. Since you may need to drive as part of the carpool, please bring these directions with you.

If you want to carpool from Springwater, meet at the Town Hall on Rt 15 0.2 miles south of the flashing light. Please meet at 1:00 and be ready to leave promptly at 1:15 for Swain.

If folks want to carpool from Dansville, meet at the Municipal Parking on Rt 36 about 300 feet south of Rt 63 at 1:15. We will leave promptly at 1:30 and drive to Swain.

Directions from Springwater:
Take rt 15 south through Wayland to I360 N. Turn right onto I390. Take exit 4 (NY 36 Dansville). Turn right on NY 36S for 6.4 miles. Turn right onto NY 70 N, for 7.4 miles. Turn left onto Co Rd 24 and take the first left onto Mill St.

Directions from Dansville:
Head southwest on Rt 36 for 7 miles past Stony Brook Park. Turn right onto NY 70 N, for 7.4 miles. Turn left onto Co Rd 24 and take the first left onto Mill St.

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