Hike to the South Pole

Last week our very on Char joined a hike across Antarctica to the South Pole.  She was able to send us one image of the desolate landscape.The summer sun on the way across Antarctica to the South Pole.

Char points out that it is summer in Antarctica so the sun is up 24 hours each day.  But it only gets about 30 degrees above the horizon.

As the tour headed south toward the pole, Char says they all wore the same snow clothing so it was only with great care that they could tell who was in the lead.  We were fortunate to find a satellite image of the troop taken just a few days ago and show the two lead hikers.  Unfortunately Char doesn’t think she was in this picture.Satellite 0485

Char expects to be back and at our Springwater Trails hike on Sunday.  So stop and ask her about her trip!


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