Back in Springwater

It was good to be back hiking in Springwater on Sunday.  Although Linda and I only missed two hikes, we did so much that it seemed longer.

Running the sump pump in Colorado.

Running the sump pump in Colorado.

We spent a full week in Bolder, Colorado, with our son and daughter-in-law. Many of you may have seen pictures of the flooding, which is good because we didn’t take many.  To the left is a common view around the neighborhood, as residents learned what that basement sump pump was supposed to do. In 24 hours, Boulder received 9.08 inches of rain, nearly twice the previous record of 4.8 inches recorded July 31, 1919. The peak flow on Boulder Creek was more that two and a half times the previous peak flow (5,370 cubic feet per second, compared with 2050 cfs in May 2003).  A flooded basement means the loss of everything on that floor, and Dan’s neighborhood had way too many examples.  These victims will need all the help their friends, neighbors and governments can provide.  Fortunately for us, the water stayed in the street around Dan’s house and he was spared any damage.

Pam Bregenzer is using Facebook to organize a new Garden Club in Springwater.  I am hoping to share information on our Facebook page. Check it out, and let Pam know if you will be attending the first meeting Friday, October 25th, 6pm at Pam’s house.

On Sunday, Katherine shared the story of her grandfather Charles E. Taylor with Linda. Grandpa Charlie built the engine for the first airplane flown by the Wright Brothers in 1903. We all know Katherine is exceptional.  Apparently, it runs in the family! I sure enjoy learning about friends and their families.

I hope that everyone who attended the Fiddler’s Fair had a good time, and picked up a copy of our latest brochure.  Thanks to everyone who helped with parking – I hope you saw the thank-you note in last week’s Penny Saver.  Because of the donations made at the Fair, Springwater Trails will be able to continue to support the Sunday hikes, provide brochures at key spots around Springwater, and build and provide signage for the Springwater Trail. Click here if you want to download a fall brochure.