Experiencing the Forest in a Different Way…Forest Therapy Walk…December 4, 2016


Mark said, “this was different for many of us.” Pam added “you were really good sports!”  and….” If you just take the time to be silent in nature, anything can happen!”  Others added…”I really saw nature in a different way than ever before.” ” I felt like a child again!” “We are entering into another one of the four seasons, the circle of life, death to rebirth.” forest-therapy-036

A two hour “forest therapy walk”, led by Deb Denome was truly an inspirational experience for many of us as we were guided slowly on a cold late fall day through nature.  As 16 of us traveled through the forest tapping our senses, observing, listening, seeing, smelling, and sensing motion,  we silently experienced nature on a personal level and shared it with others as we gathered around the well attended campfires.forest-therapy-007

Some of us had unusual experiences, like talking to objects in nature and getting a response.    Others traveled to places within the forest to sit quietly and reflect. We were called back to share our experiences by our leader’s flute or bird call.  Someone made a perfect crow call that got everyone’s attention.  canadice-outlet-revisited-037

What was really interesting to me was that we experienced seeing our hiking friends in a new and deeper way.  As they shared their thoughts, gratitude, and connectiveness with nature, we all gained new insights. Many had a sense of peace, calmness, while others related what they experienced in nature to a call for personal growth.  forest-therapy-008

A Forest Therapy experience is said to last at least 7 days.  I know for myself I have gone back to my spot in the woods to reexamine Mr. Vine and his family, listen more acutely, and share the beauty of the forest with others.  There are lessons to be learned, and many answers…if we just are silent. Thanks to Deb for taking us there.

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