Hike report- Harriet Hollister Spencer Recreation Area


Here we are, loving the outdoors on Sunday afternoon.  Fourteen hikers took a grand tour of the park.  It was especially nice that we had the place to ourselves.  Normally on a weekend the place is full of mountain bikers, hikers, and picnickers.  Despite the heat, conditions were relatively cool due to the higher elevation and the extensive shade.


Char’s picture of Honeoye Lake. Click on the picture for a full size version showing the wakes of all the boats out on this glorious day.

Climbers moved at a no nonsense pace around the park perimeter, traveling along Big Oak, Fox Run, Raccoon Run, Sidewinder, Blue Spruce, Chalet Road, and Ruthie’s Run, plus a few others.  I think everyone got their money’s worth of hills.  The view at the Overlook was a big hit, with many photos taken.


The Big Oak

Tourists, led by Mark, set off on a less ambitious route, but met some altitude challenges along the way.  The trails at the park have some signage but are not blazed, which can cause some confusion for the uninitiated hiker. The maps are marginally helpful.  Being the seasoned hikers that they are,  the tourists successfully navigated the maze of ski and bike trails and arrived unscathed, back at the parking lot, thanks to Mark’s exceptional sense of direction.


The seed/fruit of a purple trillium.

As always, along the trail conversation was stimulating and full of questions.  We discussed the history/name sake of the park.  Mushrooms and plants were frequent topics.  Here is one we wondered about.

We are fortunate to have such a glorious playground in our back yard.  Hopefully, this excursion will encourage more folks to explore  these trails on their own.


Post hike relief.

The social following the hike was at the Valley Inn in Honeoye – the first time many of us have been there in many years.  A delightful way to complete the day.

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  1. Think I solved the mystery of the red berry. It is the seed/fruit of a purple trillium.

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