Thanksgiving Weekend Bonus Hike – Dec. 1, 2013 Hemlock Area 2:00

Thanksgiving hike 005

I had a thought  today along the east shoreline of Hemlock Lake with my  daughter’s Australian Shepard dog.  Zoe and I sat along the lake enjoying the 8 ” of snow that fell in Hemlock, clear skies, and sunshine on a Thanksgiving Day.  No hunters or hikers were on the lake today, except two lone kayakers that were just coming in around 1:00 pm.  I admired them, and thought of dragging my  kayak back out again for one more water adventure before the water became too cold or the ice covered the lake.  Thanksgiving hike 022

The shoreline was already showing signs of ice in late November.  The weather conditions do seem early this time of year as  I remember sunshine and no snow on Christmas in the past.

I also thought of people that might be alone this time of year, for whatever reasons. Springwater Trails provides such a sense of family and social outlet for many that are looking to fill their lives with community, caring people and adventure.  Our  Sunday hikes have become a meaningful activity in many member’s lives.  I have seen it, I have experienced it, and it is what relationships are about.  Holidays are no different.

Thanksgiving hike 001

So  instead of having no hike December 1, Zoe and I thought we would have an optional hike, if anyone would like to participate.  No big organization will take place, just show up, and whatever happens, happens.  Soup, Beans, and Chili will be provided.  Bring something if you wish, but don’t cook anymore…….just your presence is all that is needed.  We already had our Thanksgiving feast.

We will meet at 5107 Old Bald Hill Road, Hemlock….at 2:00 ….just off 15A…you can find it. No complicated directions or details.You may want to park along the side of the road.


Boughton Park – November 24, 2013

On many Sunday afternoons, you can find the hikers of Springwater Trails taking advantage of the beautiful Little Finger Lakes of Hemlock and Canadice.  These two lakes and their surrounding water sheds provide a water supply for the City of Rochester, with the three reservoirs at  Rush, Cobbs Hill and Highland Park receiving and then dispersing the water to areas of the City. We often traverse the hiking trails around the Hemlock & Canadice Lakes and watersheds and sometimes paddle them as well.  Boughton Park But this week we hiked a different water supply, the former Fairport Reservoirs which are now known as Boughton Park located in the Town of East Bloomfield & lying just south of the Town of Victor. This early winter hike was made possible by Don, Ebets, Pete and Naomi, all of whom have our thanks this Thanksgiving week!

Starting in the early/mid 1920s the Village of Fairport purchased land in the Town of East Bloomfield and progressed to create two reservoirs by damming up two creeks which created two finger shaped West Pondreservoirs for the purpose of supplying Fairport residents with their water needs, and in essence created a water shed area as well.  Fast forward to 20+ years ago (~1989) and Fairport essentially decommissioned its municipal water supply reservoirs and started to utilize the Monroe County Water Authority as its water supply source.   boughtonpark_smFairport then looked to sell the land and water resources – reservoirs/water shed, … and the purchasers, in a joint cooperative to create a park for their respective residents, were the Towns of Victor, East Bloomfield and West Bloomfield.  The three town cooperative formed the independent Boughton Park Commission which oversees and manages Boughton Park aka the former Fairport Reservoirs.

An additional historical note – The Town of East Bloomfield is where the Northern Spy Apple was originated by Oliver Chapin on Boughton Road in 1800.

Boughton Park consists of 330 acres of which 56 acres is ponds, and approx. 5 miles of designated trails.  Most of the trails are fairly level with some rolling hills. The south end of the West Pond demonstrates some glacial terrain with a few steep hills requiring care on slippery ice and snow. IMG_0436_WebThe Seneca Trail, part of  the Victor Hiking Trails network of trails, is a trail that heads north out of Boughton Park and continues several miles northward thru private lands that have allowed the trail.

Parking in Boughton Park’s two gravel/dirt parking lots is by permit, available only to residents of the three town cooperative of the Boughton Park Commission.  With the kind assistance of two friends of Springwater Trails, the hikers were able to obtain guest permits for this hike.

IMG_0434_WebAll hikers gathered in the Boughton Park – Stirnie Road parking lot (off the east side of Stirnie Rd).  The Stirnie Rd parking lot overlooks the west side of the west reservoir (near the reservoir’s northwest corner) with a clear view of the reservoir, levy/retaining dam and spillway threshold with a crossing bridge, truly picturesque!  A scenic point (peninsula) extends into the west reservoir and the picnic pavilion is situate between the parking lot and the tip of the point. (Fishing is allowed with NYS fishing license.)  Hikers were rewarded with an open view of the reservoir with no cars obstructing the view.

Boughton Park maintains a year-round no hunting policy, resulting in a popular locale for hiking and walking of dogs, in spite of the 20° weather.

IMG_0899The many vista points gave Char good opportunities to record our hike. Boughton Park Commission seeks to maintain the park in as near natural state as possible and likely as low budget as possible, and therefore there are not the “improvements” or amenities found in some other parks.  One benefit we saw were trees left standing by beavers which appear to have departed from the area several years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving – 2013

Happy ThanksgivingFrom Springwater Trails


Please join us for our next hike at 2:00 on December 8th.

January - Honeoye Inlet

January – Honeoye Inlet

January - Schribner Rd

January – Schribner Rd

January - Hemlock Outlet

January – Hemlock Outlet

February - Wesley Hill

February – Wesley Hill

Sugarbush Hollow

March – Coyote Tree on the Springwater Trail

March - Sugarbush Hollow

March – Sugarbush Hollow

Springwater Center

April – Springwater Center

Cohocton Wind Farm

April – Cohocton Wind Farm

Stony Brook

May – Stony Brook

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July – West Hill Preserve

August - Italy Valley

August – Italy Valley

Hemlock Shoreline

September – Hemlock Shoreline

Harriett Hollister

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Boughton Park

November – Boughton Park

Boughton Park – East Bloomfield, NY

Boughton Park consists of 330 acres and 5 miles of designated trails. The area has some rolling hills with perhaps 50-100 foot max elevation change.  The park is reserved for residents of the three towns and their guests.

From Honeoye and the Sandy Bottom Park:

Turn right after the Bloomfield park

Turn right onto South Ave after the Bloomfield park

– From Sandy Bottom, head north on West Lake Rd.
– Take Rt 20A east to jct with Rt 64
– Turn left onto Rt 64 and travel to Rts 5&20
– Turn left onto Rts 5&20 and travel 2.5 miles.
– Turn right onto South Ave (See picture to the left)
– Turn left onto Main St.
– Take the first right (immediate) onto Michigan St and continue onto CR 39 for 2.4 miles
– Turn right onto Boughton Rd (CR 39 will continue to the left)
– Take the first left onto Stirnie Rd.  The parking area is 0.8 miles ahead on the right. (past a curve to the right, and a curve to the left)

From Springwater and the Town Hall – Carpool location:

-Take Rt 15A north from the flashing light in Springwater.
-Turn right onto Rt 20A toward Honeoye. After 4.0 miles
– Turn left on CR 37 go north to West Bloomfield.
– Turn right onto Rts 5&20 east at the West Bloomfield Congregational Church.
– Turn left onto Rt 64, and an immediate right onto Main St.
– Take the 2nd left onto Michigan St. and continue onto CR 39 for 2.4 miles
– Turn right onto Boughton Rd (CR 39 will continue to the left)
– Take the first left onto Stirnie Rd. (It’s a VERY VERY short travel on Boughton Rd) The parking area is 0.8 miles ahead on the right. (past a curve to the right, and a curve to the left)

 From Rochester area: 

– Take I490 East to the Victor Exit 29.
– Merge onto Rt 96 S into Victor.
– Turn right onto Maple Ave (Rt 444) (follow the sign to Bristol Mt).
– At the flashing light turn right onto Boughton Hill Rd (CR 41) (At Ganondagan)

A Public Service Announcement  Remember, there are two roads, Boughton Hill Road and Boughton Road. These are different roads with Boughton Road south of the park. We are not parking in that parking lot, thus this routing uses Boughton Hill Rd which is north of, but not touching, the park.

– Take the 1st left onto Murray Rd.
– At the T, turn right onto Town Line Rd.
– Take the 1st left onto Stirnie Rd.  The parking is on the left after 0.4 miles.