Warner Rd and Liddiard Rd to Sugarbush Hollow

DSC_4930Last Sunday, March 24, 2013, seventeen hikers climbed to the top of the hill from Dutch Hollow Rd and followed the snowmobile trail along the ridge to Coates Rd.  From there, we followed the Springwater Trail through Sugarbush Hollow to the Sugarhouse for the Annual Meeting of Springwater Trails.  Next year we hope this same hike will be along the official Springwater Trail route.

Top Of Warner Rd The five climbers started from Thorpe Rd and trudged through unbroken snow on the Buckley’s nature preserve to the top of Warner Rd (the Springwater end of Garlinghouse Rd).  From there, the hike was on snowmobile track which made it much easier.  The climbersDuffy led us along the field and down to Liddiard Rd.  We then climbed the east end of Liddiard to the trail where we found the tracks of the Tourists who had come up from the west end of Liddiard and reached the trail ahead of us. At Coates Rd, we left the main snowmobile trail, turning right to climb to the top of Coates where we joined the Springwater Trail, past the Coyote tree and returned to the Sugarhouse.

DSC_4931The Tourists started at the western end of Liddiard at Dutch Hollow.  After joining the snowmobile trail and then the Springwater Trail, the tourists stopped to learn the news from the guard at the top of the sugar-bush.

After loading up our plates with the great food provided by each of the hikers, we held the first annual meeting of the Springwater Trails.  GretchenGretchen Cicora from the Bath office of the DEC talked with us about maintain and creating trails in the Hemlock-Canadice State Forest, Chuck Winship presented the group with a check, and Dean announced the results of the election of officers.  I will be pleased to work this year with Joan, Katherine and Tom on the executive board.  Thank you for agreeing to be on the board.

PamFinally, the whole group thanked Pam and Pati for serving on the executive board this past year.  Both ladies have been on the leadership board since the initial meeting of the Parks and Trails Committee in 2010. The continuity they provided was much appreciated and is visible in the successful year that just finished.  Although you both have earned a chance to take time off from the leadership, I know neither of you will be resting this coming year.