Planning Winter 2017 Hikes – Looking for hike planners

Meeting on Canadice Lake 3/16/2014.Each season, Springwater Trails hosts 12 or 13 hikes, one on each Sunday. Since this website started in September, 2012, that means we have hosted over 200 hikes. Each hike has been planned and organized by one of our hikers. Often this means that the hike planner has selected an interesting hike, then gone out and done a pre-hike to determine if the trail is open and if all hikers will be able to follow it. Then the planner selects appropriate hikes for our three groups – the climbers, the tourists and the naturalists. Once the planner knows how the hike will be led,a description of the hike gets written up and posted on the website. Then emails are sent to our complete mailing list, telling them about the hike. Finally, we get to Sunday and we get to enjoy another afternoon outside.

IMG_3155We all know its a lot of work, so this season the Springwater Board is trying something a little different. Below is a proposed hike schedule for the Winter 2017 hikes. Each hike has a location and a link to an old hike plan that was followed during a previous hike. The plan describes the hikes and even mentions the social that followed the hike. The only thing missing is a hike planner for the Winter of 2017. We are hoping our hikers will look at the schedule, select one or two hikes they would be willing to plan, and contact Wendy, our VP of Hiking. Wendy will then make assign hike planners. If someone else has volunteered, maybe you will be asked to plan your second choice.  In any case, you can read the old hike plans, maybe go out and do a pre-hike, and then post your new hike plan on the website. It will be just fine if the only change you make is the date of the hike.

Please note that the Board has already stepped up to lead half of the hikes. We hope this leaves plenty for the rest of you.

NOTE: If a word in the Location Column is blue, then it is a link to an old hike plan for this location. If two words are blue, they are two different links, to give more ideas for a hike. You may feel free to copy as much of the old plan as you would like.

Date Location Town Hike Planner
Jan 1  No hikel  New Years
Jan 8 Genesee Valley Greenway Cuylerville  -Piffard  Wendy
January 15 Mendon Ponds Winterfest  Mendon  Marty
January 22 Harriett Hollister Spencer Park Canadice  Rick H
January 29 All Western Evergreen Tree Farm Springwater Katherine
February 5 Cummings Nature Center
Naples  Tony
February 11 (Saturday) Penfield Hikers Jamboree Penfield Don
February 12 Steege Hill Finger Lakes Land Trust Big Flats Melissa
February 19 Hemlock Canadice State Forest , Canadice Outlet Hemlock  Pam & Bill
February 26 Schribner Road Springwater  Mark
March 5 Rob’s Trail Canadice  Tawn
March 12 High Tor
Bassett Rd
Naples John L
March 19 Springwater Center
(Annual Mtg)
March 26 Hunt Hollow Naples  Melissa