Thanksgiving Weekend Bonus Hike – Dec. 1, 2013 Hemlock Area 2:00

Thanksgiving hike 005

I had a thought  today along the east shoreline of Hemlock Lake with my  daughter’s Australian Shepard dog.  Zoe and I sat along the lake enjoying the 8 ” of snow that fell in Hemlock, clear skies, and sunshine on a Thanksgiving Day.  No hunters or hikers were on the lake today, except two lone kayakers that were just coming in around 1:00 pm.  I admired them, and thought of dragging my  kayak back out again for one more water adventure before the water became too cold or the ice covered the lake.  Thanksgiving hike 022

The shoreline was already showing signs of ice in late November.  The weather conditions do seem early this time of year as  I remember sunshine and no snow on Christmas in the past.

I also thought of people that might be alone this time of year, for whatever reasons. Springwater Trails provides such a sense of family and social outlet for many that are looking to fill their lives with community, caring people and adventure.  Our  Sunday hikes have become a meaningful activity in many member’s lives.  I have seen it, I have experienced it, and it is what relationships are about.  Holidays are no different.

Thanksgiving hike 001

So  instead of having no hike December 1, Zoe and I thought we would have an optional hike, if anyone would like to participate.  No big organization will take place, just show up, and whatever happens, happens.  Soup, Beans, and Chili will be provided.  Bring something if you wish, but don’t cook anymore…….just your presence is all that is needed.  We already had our Thanksgiving feast.

We will meet at 5107 Old Bald Hill Road, Hemlock….at 2:00 ….just off 15A…you can find it. No complicated directions or details.You may want to park along the side of the road.