Trail Building – Schribner Rd (42.605,-77.541513) – November 23 @ 2:00PM

This Sunday is a trail building date for Springwater Trails.  We will continue the work done from Schribner to Giles in September when rain and the threat of more rain caused the climbing crew to retreat from the far hill.


SchribnerJPGMost of this trail goes through forest, which means that clearing of fallen branches is a constant part of trail maintenance.  Bring loppers for small trees and branches, and gloves for hauling branches off of the trail.  Check the weather for appropriate foot wear but expect to complete a three mile hike with a climb of 260ft up and back down.

IMG_0708WWe will split into two groups to hike the trail from each end.  The climbers will start from the house, walk the beautiful new trail that was cut into the hill in September, then across the creek and up the hill.  The new trail begins where the orange tags leave the logging road half-way up the hill.  At the top of the hill, the trail crosses through the hardwood forest until it heads back down to the stream and out to the road.

The tourist group will carpool up Giles Rd to the other end of the trail.  After a stroll down to the creek, this group will start clearing trail while headed up to the top of the hill.  This will be the most challenging part of the hike, as the group looks for, and critiques the switch backs that Rick and Mark laid out.

Both groups will appoint a recorder and will carry yellow caution tape to be used to mark parts of the trail needing summer work to improve the experience.

IMG_0531When the two groups meet, they will be able to choose a central route back to the house, or they may continue to inspect the work of the other group on the main trail.  During the social at the house, the groups will report on their suggestions for the trail.  Please bring a dish to pass and your own beverage.  Coffee and tea will also be available.

Check the website for updates prior to the hike, so you will know the status of Schribner Rd and the snow.

Directions: During the winter, please approach from Tabors Corners, since the west ends of Giles Rd and Schribner Rd are both closed in the winter.  Good directions are available here. You may park on the road near the Giles/Schribner intersection or in the driveway, depending on the amount of snow we have this week.




One thought on “Trail Building – Schribner Rd (42.605,-77.541513) – November 23 @ 2:00PM

  1. Assuming there is still snow on the ground on Sunday, traction devices will probably be appreciated – the melting snow on top of leaves can be slippery.

    Wear something orange since it is hunting season, although no one should be hunting here tomorrow. An extra pair of gloves will be good after you get you work gloves wet picking up logs in the snow.

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