A Mid-Week Hike in Vermont

Bill Cooke and Pam Masterson have invited the club to hike with them in Rutland, Vermont. Bill and Pam will organize for 3 days – 12, 13 and 14 September and people staying outside of that window can plan for themselves.

If you would like to come, please sign up here, and also let Bill and Pam know directly by email or phone – the details are given below.

As the time draws near – a little more than 3 weeks – Bill and Pam need to know who’s planning to attend. This is important for planning the hikes since we’ll be using a shuttle system for both Climbers and Tourists. Also, thus far they have not heard of any Naturalists attending so as of now, no separate hike is planned for them. However, there are options for Naturalist hikers so they welcome any Naturalists who wish to participate.

As of this writing, the following have committed to attending: Wendy, Nanette, Julia, Rick, Mark, Linda, John Larysz and his daughter, Dena, and Mary along with Pam and Bill. We ask everyone who want to come to please sign up here, and also contact Bill and Pam via e-mail to [email protected] or phone at 802-345-3773.

The calendar entry in the Springwater Trail website provides detailed logistical information. Please note that we’re asking everyone to bring a dish to pass for dinner Tuesday evening, the 12th, at Bill & Pam’s campsite at Gifford Woods State Park. Wednesday night’s dinner will occur at the Inn at the Long Trail. Everyone is on their own for all other meals.

The hikes are tentatively set as follows:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 12 Everyone is invited for a short, easy hike along the Appalachian Trail from the campground to Kent Pond late afternoon between 4 and 5.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 13
    • Tourists – starting at the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail crossings of Rt. 4 down the west side of Sherburne Pass, the hike will ascend the ridge, continue on the AT where the LT separates, and reach the Deer Leap trail to Deer Leap Rock – a spectacular setting on a large, round open rockface. Returning down the Deer Leap Trail, the hike continues to Sherburne Pass and the Inn at the Long Trail. Total distance of 3.6 miles.

      Additional variations are possible for the Tourists since their hike is rather short. We will discuss these when we get together at the Tuesday night dinner. Some tourists may wish to drive to the base of Killington and ride the gondola to the summit to greet the climbers. A round-trip ride on the gondola costs $30.
    • Climbers – starting at Sherburne Pass, we hike up via the Sherburne Pass Trail to the summit of Killington Peak, the second-highest mountain in Vermont at 4,235′. Total distance is 5.8 miles with an elevation gain of 2,100′. From Killington, we will take the ski gondolas down to the base where we’ll be picked up by the other hikers. Please note the following: (1) you’ll need $15.00 fare for the gondola and (2) dogs are not permitted on the gondolas.
  • Thursday, Sept. 14 Since this is getaway day for many, hike options of 3-4 miles will be discussed Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. For those interested, Bill will lead a short but challenging hike on the Long Trail up to the Great Cliff of Mt. Horrid, with options for extending the hike further along the LT.

Let’s hope for good weather! And again, please notify Bill and Pam if you’re coming and your name is not included above.