Honeoye Inlet

On a very warm January day, 20 hikers from Springwater Trails met to explore the Honeoye Inlet area.

The Springwater Trails Hiking Group

The Springwater Trails Hiking Group

Part of the group stayed in the lowlands, exploring the high waters flowing through this Class 1 wetland that helps to protect the waters of Honeoye Lake.

WebN8249We all noticed how high the water was.  Sixty five degree weather two weeks after 18 inches of snow will do that.  When the water rushed through a culvert, whirlpools were formed, all rotating in the same direction. If you investigate, you will learn that in the northern hemisphere, the spinning earth causes whirlpools and hurricanes to spin in the counter-clockwise direction. But look at the movie again.  Aren’t the whirlpools going clockwise?  Clearly there are many more forces at work in addition to the spin of the earth.

Web_0260 The water was flowing down Blueberry Hill The rest of the group headed up Blueberry Hill to the east of the inlet. With the warm weather, the streams and the parts of the road were filled with water. We also enjoyed looking through the trees at the ridge across the valley, from Hunt Hollow, all of the way to Harriet Hollister.

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