Erie Canal towpath, Sunday, March 22

081Following a successful pancake day at Stony Ridge Maple Farm, that helped raise usful funds for our organization, 8 hikers and 2 dogs assembled at nearby West Wayne Plaza at the east end of Macedon, for our Sunday afternoon hike, this day on the towpath that was constructed alongside the Erie Canal for mules to tow the merchandise laden barges.  Temp was in the cool 20s, sky was clear, and a moderate wind was blowing from the west.  There was a couple of inches of fresh snow that had fallen that morning.  Previous snow had melted, on most of the path that we hiked.

082Crossing SR 31, hikers reached the towpath, on the south side of the canal.  A 4 mile hike was planned, going east, toward Palmyra, and back.  Georgia drove her car to the parking lot at the Yellow Mill Restaurant, and walked west to join the group, so that hikers, who didn’t want to do all 4 miles, would have the option of hiking a little over half. The first mile was fairly open.  Then we encountered some low shrubbery including roses, raspberries and invasive swallowort.  After crossing Yellow Mill Rd., we encountered areas of deep snow, that hadn’t previously melted.  Our destination was our first canal lock, and the park next to it.  Several signs were present, relating some of the history of the Erie Canal.  The group was favorable to the idea of scheduling a towpath hike during the summer, where biking and kayaking options could be offered, concluding the day utilizing the picnic table pavilion and restrooms, in the park.

083We turned back west.  3 hikers ended at Yellow Mill Rd., and rode back to the start. The other 5 hiked back there, making a 4 mile hike.  4 of us went to the Macedon Hills Family Restaurant for dinner.