All Western Tree Farm – Sunday March 1 @ 2:00PM


NOTICE: Snow is expected this afternoon with heavier accumulations starting at 3:00PM.  To adjust for the weather, you are asked to:

  1. Meet at the Farm House, at 6840 Liberty Pole Road. Park in the driveway as carefully as possible.
  2. If possible, share rides, to reduce the number of cars parked in the driveways.
  3. Bring snowshoes or skis if possible. Hikers without snowshoes or ski will hike with the naturalists along Story Road.

This Sunday, the Springwater Trails hikers are invited to snowshoe, ski, and hike on approximately 250 acres in the Northwest corner of Springwater on the beautiful All Western Evergreen Nursery & Christmas Tree Farm and Story Road, hosted by Katherine Humphrey.


Today the snow is at least 20 inches deeper than shown here from our hike two years ago (2/24/2013).

The snow is deep but the temperature will be right at the freezing point. Expect a good workout. To accommodate hikers, skiers and snowshoers, we will start in two places and be in touch by cell phone (585-737-5205). We plan to break up into three groups.

How Great Is ThisGroup 1, the Naturalists and skiers, will meet at the house and will car pool up to the corner of Swartz Road and Story Road (parking along the road where it is closed off and snowmobiles have made a trail – so leave space for them to enter). By the way, did you know that Story Rd used to be called Springwater – Sparta Town Line Road before the Post Office decided that name was way too long. Story Road between Swartz and Liberty Pole is a seasonal road which is rather flat (about 200ft drop from Swartz Rd to Liberty Pole). At this time of year the road is closed and has piles of snow pushed up by the snow plows at either end. The snowmobiles have been through to pack the snow, making it an ideal hike for those of us who have troubles with deep snow and uphill climbs. The Naturalists, led by Gene, will snowshoe, ski, or hike on Story Road. We will go down and back up again on the same road, enjoying the view from the top of the hill across to East Hill.
Afterwards, all are invited to the dish-to-pass social at the house at 6840 Liberty Pole Road and we have permission to park across the road at 6839 Liberty Pole Road (James home) where, by permission at least 4 or 5 cars can park – three straight across the back and two behind parked parallel to the road.

DSCN8790Group 2, the Tourists, will meet at the house at 6840 Liberty Pole Road. Park in the driveway as carefully as possible.  Due to the snow, parking is limited and hikers who can share rides are encouraged to do so. Rick will lead The Tourists on a figure 8 route that has been laid out by the pre-hikers on snowshoes.  This group will hike the farm road up past Don’s chair and then will follow the new trail that was cleared last summer through the woods.  The older road will be followed up to the main Christmas Tree fields where the large trees will protect us from the wind.  The top of the figure 8 is at the base of the Cathedral Pines which will be added to the hike if time permits.  From the Cathedral Pines, the trail heads back downhill along the South Field road to the farm house.

IMG_0516WAnd Group 3, The Climbers, will car pool to the corner of Storey Rd and Liberty Pole Rd.  Skiers will do best in this group.  Melissa will then lead this group south on Story Rd toward to the cabled entrance (past the 8 ft. fence at the South Field Road entrance on Story) and back down through the woods and Cathedral pines and a possible loop through the fields at the top of the hill. and then will follow the Tourist’s figure 8 trail down to the house for the social.  If time permits, some Climbers may choose to break new trail south from the Cathedral Pines toward Swartz Road, passing through the Norway Spruce, the Fraser fir, Canaan fir, Alaska Yellow Cedar, Nordmann fir, Meyer Spruce, Montana Larch, and back North along the Grand fir, Fraser fir, Concolor fir trees, Western Red Cedar, and Douglas fir.  All hikers are expected to take pictures of each different kind of tree as they pass them – they will be quizzed during the social!

The dish-to-pass social (or make a contribution [5/person] to the social fund) will be at the house at 6840 Liberty Pole Road. Please bring you own choice of beverage – cold Spring Water is available! Everyone is invited to stay after the hike to enjoy a hot meal (soup) and socialize. Come dressed for the weather. Items for dish-to-pass can be left at the house to stay hot or as desired during the hike.


Group 1: Directions to Story and Swartz Rd corner:

From Springwater: Go west from the Springwater light on Rt 15 North.  Just past the top of the hill, turn left on Co Rd  38 (Liberty Pole Rd).  Turn left at the 4-way stop on CR 60 (Carney Hollow Rd).  Turn right at the next road (Swartz Rd). Story Rd is the first cross Rd.  We will hike north (to the right).

From Rochester: Take I390 south to Exit 9 (NY 15 / Lakeville).  Turn left onto NY 15 and follow Rt 15 through Lakeville and Livonia (16.5 miles).  Just past Webster’s Crossing stay straight on CR 60 (Carney Hollow Rd) when Rt 15 bears left.  Take the second right off CR 60 onto Swartz Rd. Story Rd is the first cross Rd.  We will hike north (to the right).

To return to the farm house, go back down Swartz Rd, turn left on Carney Hollow Rd and another left onto Liberty Pole Rd at the 4-way stop.  The farm is on the left at 6840 Liberty Pole Rd.

Group 2: Directions to the Farm House:

From Springwater: Go west from the Springwater light on Rt 15 North.  Just past the top of the hill, turn left on Co Rd  38 (Liberty Pole Rd).  The farm is on the left 1.1 miles from Rt 15 at 6840 Liberty Pole Rd.

From Geneseo: Go south on NY 63. About 6.4 miles after passing Rt 408, turn left on County Road 1 at Groveland.  This road becomes CR 1A at Scottsburg (rt 256) and then Liberty Pole Rd (CR 38).  It is 7.1 miles from Groveland to the All Western Evergreen Tree Farm.

From Rochester: Take I390 south to Exit 9 (NY 15 / Lakeville).  Turn left onto NY 15 and follow Rt 15 through Lakeville and Livonia (16.5 miles).  Just past Webster’s Crossing stay straight on CR 60 when Rt 15 bears left.  Take the first right off CR 60 onto Liberty Pole Rd (CR 38). The farm is on the left at 6840 Liberty Pole Rd.

A family hike at the winter lodge at Letchworth – Feb 22, 2015 – 2:00PM

We will be trying something new on the last Sunday of Winter Break for our schools: a family outing at the winter lodge located in the southern end of Letchworth State Park. There is a tubing hill behind the lodge and the lodge provides inner tubes for the kids (or kid wanna-be’s). There are numerous trails to ski, snowshoe and hike, encompassing the general area around the winter lodge.

Skiers and snowshoers will follow a ski trail toward the Castile entrance.  Snowshoers should walk next to the ski trail and the leader will need to trade off breaking the trail.  Hikers will follow snowmobile trails that have been well packed, allowing a longer winter hike than would be possible in untraveled snow.

The lodge offers a warm cozy atmosphere with a large round fireplace to escape the blistering winter cold that we’ve been experiencing this year.  There are 12 picnic tables inside the lodge with 120 AC outlets located nearby for crock pots. There is also a concession stand that is open on the weekends. There are heated restrooms with inside and outside access.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe will have our social in the lodge after the hike. Bring a dish to pass or feel free to contribute a small donation. The wood-burning fireplace is fired up for anyone that wishes to try  cooking a hot dog over the open fire (my favorite).

Things to note:  The workers leave at 4:00pm and lock up the tubes but the hill is still open to sliding provided you have your own tube. CAUTION; only inflatable sleding devices are allowed on the hill.


The Portageville Entrance is closed during the winter, so these directions use the Castile Entrance to the park.

From Dansville; at second red light downtown, turn onto 436 and drive 20.7 miles. Turn right onto Rt 19A (outside Portageville). drive 2 miles and turn right onto Denton Corners RD. ; follow signs for Castile Park Entrance. Enter park and turn right at the “T”.drive about a mile and turn right into the lodge road entrance. Follow signs for the Trailside Lodge.

From Geneseo:  Take RT 39 West for 18 miles;In the village of Castile, turn left onto East Park Rd. which changes to Glen Iris Rd. , for 2 miles then turn left onto Denton Corners Rd. Enter Castile Park entrance and turn right at the “T”. Drive about a mile and turn right into the lodge road entrance. Follow signs for the Trailside Lodge.

Again, Sunday hike canceled – Feb 15, 2015

The weather isn’t cooperating with our hikes this month. With temperatures below zero and wind between 20 and 30 mph we are canceling the hike that Melissa had planned on the Genesee Greenway for Sunday.  Thank you Melissa for working on this hike.
According to the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart, wind of 20mph at 0 degrees indicates frostbite will occur within 30 minutes.  It just seemed to Melissa and I that a two hour hike would not be safe at these temperatures.
But there are several recommendations for how you can deal with your disappointment:
  1. Saturday will be warmer than Sunday.  It would be a good day for a hike and you may want to get out and walk around the block or down the road.  Or, call a friend and meet at Canadice Lake for a hike along the west side trail – skis or snowshoes are highly recommended.  And please dress warmly in layers.
  2. Veteran's Memorial ParkThe 4th Annual Penfield Hiker’s Jamboree is being held on Saturday from 10 to 12.  Come to the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Ave to hear a Boy Scout presentation and to network with other hiking and trails groups in this area.  This is a great opportunity to learn how other communities are building hiking trails in their towns. After the Jamboree, take some time to hike the Veteran’s Memorial Park at the Town Hall.
  3. On Sunday, as you stay warm by the fire, take some time to consider how you can become even more active in Springwater Trails.  Melissa is chairing the nominating committee for the Springwater Trails Executive Board.  If you can spare two hours once a month, and a couple more hours reviewing our meeting minutes and handling your action items, please send Melissa an email volunteering for a position on the executive board.  The Board consists of 6 positions: President, Vice President, VP for Hiking, Secretary, Treasurer and Trail Master.
  4. One more way to contribute: join Springwater Trails at Maple Weekend at Stoney Ridge Farms on CR 28 in Farmington.  We need volunteers on both days of the two Maple Weekends March 21, 22 and March 28, 29.  Send me an email if you would be able to help.
Meanwhile, stay warm, get outside when it is calm and a bit warmer, and we will see you on February 22 at Letchworth Park for a family hike including a hike and maybe a tube ride down the sledding hill!  As always, check the website for details.