Hiking Through the Trees

Sunday (9/21) fifteen hikers enjoyed the hike on the All Western Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm off Liberty Pole, Swartz, and Storey Roads in the northwest corner of Springwater. The day was dry and warm for the first three-quarters of the hike. Then the wind came up and the sun disappeared behind the clouds requiring that we add back the layers of clothing we were carrying.

Mark and MacKatherine started the hike by showing branches from many of the Christmas trees on the farm.  This prepared us to identify them during the hike. Other highlights of the hike included the partridges taking off from the hay field, walking new trails through the woods, retracing our many walks through Cathedral Pines, and the opportunity to collect mushrooms.

About 45 different species of fungi were found, with only a few identified to be edible by two knowledgeable hikers. With all the rain we’ve had, the mushrooms have grown nicely this year; however, hiking earlier for mushrooms either in late July or early September might have yielded more interesting varieties. Many thanks are extended to our neighbors and to those that participated in the foray and the identification.

A delicious dish-to-pass supper of hot soup, salads and sandwiches followed the hike. A good time was had by all!