Website Photos

As many of you know, Char has taken the job of official photographer for the Springwater Trails.  Many of the pictures on this website were taken by Char and are used with her permission.

Many hikers wore orange this week, with the start of hunting season.

I hope that you will find the pictures enhance your experience on the website. I also hope you will respect Char’s rights to the pictures – as the creator of the image, Char has the copyright and it is protected by US copyright law.

Although Char shares her pictures with us, she can’t be everywhere and sometimes she simply enjoys hiking.  So if you have some pictures you would like to share with the Springwater Trails you have two fairly easy options.

You may become a contributor to this website.  Click on the login link at the top of each page, and create your own login.  This will allow you to comment on the stories. To contribute new articles send me an email so that  I can set that up and you can start contributing.

Alternatively, you may email me your pictures.  If you do this, I would like to ask that you take some time to edit and document your pictures.  Here is what I would prefer.

  1. On your computer, create a folder for pictures called SpringwaterTrails.
  2. In this folder, create a subfolder for each walk.  Name the folder with the year, month and day and a short name for the hike.  For example use a name like “2012 10 14 – Hemlock East Shoreline”.
  3. Put your pictures in this subfolder.
  4. You may use any photo editor to crop the picture, fix the contrast, remove red eye etc.  You may want to add a small copyright notice such as “©2012 Springwater Trails – 10/14/12 5:00PM EDT”.  I would suggest using your own name, unless you want to transfer the copyright to Springwater Trails.
  5. Resize your pictures so that the largest dimension is less than 800 pixels.  Since these will display on a computer screen, high resolution just slows everything down. Viewers shouldn’t be printing your pictures anyway.
  6. Create a ZIP file with the entire directory – On Windows 7, I do a right mouse click on the directory in Windows Explorer and select “Send to ->  Compressed (zipped) folder”.
  7. Send me the zip file.

Before I use any of your photos, I will add a copyright if you haven’t.  And thanks for hiking with us and sharing your photos.