Canadice Lake Trimodal – August 31, 2014

canadice triathlon 005

Although there was questionable weather predicted for our second trimodal event around Canadice Lake, dedicated members brought their bikes, kayaks, hiking shoes, raincoats/umbrellas/hairdues to participate in what turned out to be a “not too hot” but refreshing August day.  A slight breeze on the lake ended up being acceptable for a paddle and 6 kayaks were prepared along the shoreline for the returning trimodal bikers. 4 bikers unloaded their bicycles, bike tires were pumped up, helmets secured, and stretchy black biking shorts were the preferred comfortable clothing.    Although road conditions were somewhat dry, trail conditions ended up being a little muddy after the morning rains.  5 climbers quickly took off in a southern direction to pick up the south Canadice Trail for an extended hike of 5 miles to the north entrance trail parking lot.

The estimated time for members participating in all 3 events was projected to be between 2 1/2 and 3 hours.  A slight competition seemed to develop along the way to shorten the time span to two hours max.  We shortened the walk, either leaving our bikes at the south entrance trail, or walking the bike for a short distance.  Arriving at the kayak/canoe boat launch, a quick trip across the lake and back, set the time record of 90 minutes to bike,walk,kayak Canadice Lake.  It was estimated that a  little longer 1/2 hour walk or an extended 1/2 hour kayak would of set the time for 2 hours to complete the trimodal.

canadice triathlon 030

Climbers traveled along the Canadice Trail enjoying new friends and conversations, stopping to observe and photograph a bright red unidentified leaf,  sweet peas and search for the locations of kayakers on the lake. They completed their 5 mile hike in 1 3/4 hours. Kayakers leisurely explored the shorelines looking for the eagle that often visits the south end of the lake. Instead of the eagle, they found a large gathering of people from a local labor day weekend party.

red leaf canadice lakesweet peas 1 (1)

Members completing the trimodal were Mark, Linda, Melissa and Pam.  A grand prize photograph was presented to Melissa for her inspiration and spirit.  Thanks to the Smiths for hosting the social and all the members that contribute healthy salads, seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Welcome back Joan and Bob and new member Doug who provided beautiful pictures.

Mark generated a draft fall schedule and encouraged members to sign up as hike planners. Good luck to Mark and Linda on their bike tour from Pittburgh, Penn, to Ohio, traveling at least 50 miles a day. It’s also time for Bob and Joan to get your sea kayaks back out on the lake!

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