Wheaton Hill Report

Yesterday 7 hikers, with clippers and and a hand weed cutter, enjoyed dancing in the rain to push back the encroaching plants on the Wheaton Hill Rd trails.  The weather was good for a work crew all day – cool, no hot sun, and dry – until 3:00.  Unfortunately, we scheduled maintenance for 4:00.  The trees protected us somewhat from the constant rain, and we all wore rain jackets with hoods.  By 6:00, pants below the jackets were soaked, socks were  wet, and hair had curled.  Katherine opened her home for our social, which was much more comfortable than standing in tall wet grass making tacos.

Ant Mound at Wheaton Hill

Ant Mound at Wheaton Hill

The roses continue to try to take over the trail.  We used clippers on a few of the bigger clumps, but Marty was able to get most of the new roses with the hand weed cutter.  And he got to practice his golf swing!  Melissa noted many ant mounds along the trails and promised to investigate what kind of ant likes this forest.

Check back for a picture of the waterfall at the end of the Pine trail.  After clearing the southern Spruce and Red Bud trails, we took a quick walk up the Pine trail to see the benefits of all the rain we have had.

Stay dry!

Celebrating the Summer Solstice – The annual Canadice Lake Tri-modal

winners of Canadice Lake Tri-modal

winners of Canadice Lake Tri-modal

Congratulations go out to Mark, Linda, Melissa, and Wendy for completing the 3rd annual Canadice Lake tri-modal! Timing was perfect for honoring Father’s Day, celebrating the Summer Solstice, and observing the “after the flood” conditions around Canadice Lake.   18 persons and 4 little dogs joined us to either walk the damaged roads and trails, bike around broken shoulders and potholes, or kayak into the high waters and flooded inlet area of Canadice Lake.

canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 001Due to the damaged conditions of the Canadice Lake Trail, alternative hiking and biking directions were adjusted by prednisone Pam for different skill levels. Climbers choose to challege themselves on Holmes Hill Road, a seasonal road, off the Canadice Lake Road, that travels along a deep ravine to CR 37, high above Canadice Lake.  From the top they traveled south to meet Johnson Hill Road, back down to Canadice Lake Road and return to the kayak/canoe launch, for a total of approximately 5 miles on a hot day.

canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 027canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 013 canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 032

Naturalists chose to enter the south trail along Canadice Lake, exploring the inlet area of the lake, seeing where the waters met the trail, hearing the songs of birds and frogs, identifying new mushrooms and wildflowers, and observing the damage from the June 14th flood on the “Haul Road”.

Mark, Linda, Wendy and Melissa decided to bike north along the Canadice Lake Road and loop around Canadice Hollow Road back to the kayak/canoe launch for a total of 8 miles, followed by kayaking, and a brief walk to complete the tri-modal event.  Staying close to shore, kayakers explored the eastern shoreline, crossing the lake to the west side past the state boat launch, and following the small channel of the inlet area to locate the beaver lodge.  Although threatening thunderstorms were in the forecast, the weather was beautiful for a paddle, with a few gusts (not ducks or dusts),surprising kayakers in the middle of the lake.

canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 049 canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 003 canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 015

After hike social was held by the kiosk and included chicken wings, mexican shrimp, and many other delicious summer salads and desserts.  Welcome goes out to Julia (Nanette’s sister) and Jim and Ann from the Genesee Valley Hiking Group.

canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 040canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 029canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 042