You and Membership in Springwater Trails

Updated Jan 2, 2017

On June 2013, Springwater Trails was officially incorporated in New York State. With guidance from John Vogel, our lawyer in Dansville, and the cooperation of the 2012 and 2013 board members, this process turned out to be quite easy.

Our primary mission as a corporation is to create, identify, protect and promote hiking trails in the Springwater area. 

If you would like to make a cash contribution to Springwater Trails, please purchase a Membership in Springwater Trails today. For a contribution of $20 ($30 for a family) you will know you are supporting the blazing of the Springwater Trail and the publishing of our seasonal Hiking brochure. To buy a membership for 2017, please complete the form below and mail it and a check payable to Springwater Trails, to

Springwater Trails, Inc
PO Box 162
Springwater, NY 14560

Name:  _______________________________

Address:   _____________________________

Phone:  _______________________________

Email: ________________________________

Individual Membership   ______________ $20

Family Membership‡        ______________ $30
‡ A family membership is entitled to two emails and two votes.  Please enter the second name and email.
2nd Name  _____________________
2nd Email  _____________________

Contributing Member*     ____________ $100
* Contributing Members are listed on our website.  Please write the name to appear if different from the name above.

Other donation  _______________

TOTAL   _______________ – Annual Membership 2017

Fall 2016 Schedule

Please thank Wendy, once again, for coordinating our next season of hikes. You may download the fall 2016 brochure. You may print it from your PDF reader. If you want to print front and back, be sure to click on Duplex and Flip on Short Side or similar options in your print driver.

Linking to Springwater Trails from Facebook

Do you find Facebook to be an enjoyable tool?  Did you know that you can advertise the Springwater Trails hikes on Facebook?  This is an easy way to share our recreation opportunities with your friends and neighbors.

However, it has been pointed out that Facebook isn’t always obvious about how to do things. So here are some instructions I have learned.

Lets suppose you read something on the main page of that you would like to share.  Just now, reading the home page, I saw Ellen’s note about Teasels.

Step 1

The first thing I do, is click on the title of the story.  This brings up a page with just that one story.  That way I can easily comment on the one story and not confuse my facebook friends. From the Address bar of my browser, I highlight and copy the address to this page.

Step1Step 2

Next, I log onto Facebook, and on my home page, I type a comment into the “What’s on your mind?” box, and paste the address from the address bar.

Step 3

step2At this point, Facebook goes to the Springwater Trails website and looks at the page.  It reads what is on the page, and looks for any pictures.  This may take awhile.  If you can wait, you will see the pictures.

Step 4

Step3What you will notice is that Facebook finds two pictures on this page. The first picture appears at the top of the page. The second picture is a part of the text of the post. You can leave the pictures as they are, but notice that the first picture has nothing to do with the Teasels. Really, the second picture is the better one. There is an arrow in the upper right that lets you select the desired picture.

Step 5

step4The final step is to post you comments. When you press Post, you will notice that Facebook removes the Springwater Trails address from your comments, because the box with the picture and description is the actual link.

Page Posting

step2aWhen you post a link on a Facebook Page, things show up slightly differently. Here is how it looks when I post on a Facebook page, rather than on my own timeline. (To find the Springwater Trails Facebook page, search Facebook for Springwater Trails Hiking Page).

Step 4 (Pages)

Step3aThere are still the two pictures. In this situation, you want to remove pictures you don’t want, rather than selecting the one you do like. You can click on any of the small pictures to remove it, or you can look within the larger pictures an find an X in the upper right corner to delete it. I clicked on the first small picture.

Step 5 (Pages)


When you post to a page, the link address isn’t removed automatically for you.  So, you may want to highlight the link and delete it just before you click on Publish.

Group Posting

Facebook also has Group pages (Search for Springwater Trails Hiking Group).  Posting a link to the Springwater Trails webpage works the same on the Group page and on your personal page.  however, it is seen by the people who have joined the group, rather than by all of your friends.

I hope this helps you post links to our website.  It is a great way to increase our hiking group’s audience.

Planning Fall 2015 Hikes – Your help is needed

Below are the dates and the hikes being planned for Fall 2015. All hikes in the fall will start at 2:00 PM on Sunday unless otherwise noted in the final schedule. This schedule is still in the planning stages and will be published at the end of August.

Fall is Deer and Bear hunting season. Hikes on private land naturally need landowner permission. Discretion is needed on public land, although we have not had any problems in the Hemlock/Canadice state forest at 2:00 on Sundays. Dates below are marked as Bow or Regular based on the NYS Hunting 2015 calendar.

Date Location Type Hike Planner
Oct 4
 Reynolds Gull Hike  Pam
Oct 11
 Wesley Hill Hike  Nanette & Julie
Oct 18
Erie-Attica Trail, Avon  Hike and Historical Society Presentation  Don
Oct 25
 Mead Hill  Hike Linda
Nov 1
 Genesee Valley Greenway, Geneseo Joint hike with FOGVG Don
Nov 8
Genesee Greenway, Nunda  Hike Gene
Nov 15
 Boughton Hill Hike Douglas
Nov 22
 Stoney Brook Hike Wendy
Nov 29
Thanksgiving Weekend No Hike
Dec  6
 Springwater Trail Hike/Snowshoe Bonnie
Dec 13
FLT Letchworth Branch Hike John
Dec 20
Erie RR Springwater to Wayland Hike, Showshoe, Ski Rick
Dec 27 Harriet Hollister Hike/Snowshoe  Wendy

Do you have an idea for a hike?  Please complete the following form describing your hike. If not this fall, maybe a coming season.

* indicates required field