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POSTPONED – Volunteers needed for trail blazing

We need a few volunteers to help re-route a section of the FLT between Seman Road and the Old Cemetery in Naples. Ideally we need 2 crews of at least 2 people each, one to paint out the old blazes and one to paint blazes on the new route. We estimate the job will take about 2 hours. Painting can be messy, so wear old clothes.

If you can offer some time, meet at 11:00am on Wednesday June 3rd at Bob and Ruth’s Parking Lot at the junction of Route 245 and Route 21 in Naples.


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Springwater Trails Planned Activity

As of May 15th, the NY Finger Lakes, and the Southern Tier Regions can begin to reopen after the NY Pause for COVID-19. In Phase 1 of this reopening, outdoor “low-risk recreational activities” are now allowed.  Based on this, the Springwater Trails executive board met Thursday to discuss resuming our Sunday hikes. So, our good news is we believe we can carry on Sunday hikes starting May 24. (this gives us time to get a description of each hike out to you, and it avoids the rain expected this Sunday).

We are going to make some changes to the hike format for the rest of this spring, as our best effort to keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus.

  1. We are going to emphasize kayaking over hiking.  Kayaking naturally enforces social distancing, which clearly makes it a low-risk activity.  We are calling this Water Hiking.
    However, we will continue to plan one or two regular hikes with different levels, to allow hikers who do not wish to kayak to participate.
  2. We plan to avoid shared food and restaurants for our socials following our hikes.We will try outdoor picnics.
  3. Hiking groups will be limited to 10 hikers or less.
  4. Hikers will need to maintain a six foot separation between participants, and should carry a face mask, and wear it when social distancing may be difficult to maintain.
  5. Initially, hikes will be out and back or loops to avoid carpools.

Our primary concern is our pre-hike gathering, and the loading and unloading of kayaks. During these times when close contact will be more likely, we need all participants to take extra care to maintain proper social distancing. I am sure that Springwater Trails will take the safety procedures seriously while still making our hikes a friendly, inviting activity.

So, get out your Kayaks, and your hiking equipment. We will send out the specifics about the May 24th hike/kayak at Hemlock Lake next week, and we hope to see some of you on the water.

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Group hikes are canceled during the NYS PAUSE

As I hope all of your know, New York State has imposed a PAUSE in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until further notice, non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason (e.g. parties, celebrations or other social events) are canceled or postponed. This includes all Springwater Trails events including our Sunday hikes. 

Hikes that are already planned, or future hikes for which hike planners want to write up descriptions, will be posted on our website in the calendar, but will not have a date and time on the main website page.

You are invited to enjoy the outdoors. Suggestions include having a beer on your deck, checking around your yard for spring projects or a short walk down the street. If you are healthy and you need a longer hike, you are welcome to search for past Springwater Trails hikes using the search bar above. 

In addition, hike leaders who have signed up to lead a hike are urged to post their hike description so that visitors to the website can explore the hike on their own. 

During this pause, you may want to contact a friend and walk together. We aren’t used to keeping the 6 foot distance between us, but if you both are aware of “social distancing”, you will find it is quite easy to chat as you walk and you come home safe and refreshed.

Just one request. Please avoid the previously scheduled location and time to avoid finding an unexpected crowd.  

Please be safe, and we hope to see you soon on the trails, at a safe distance!

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Fall 2016 Schedule

Please thank Wendy, once again, for coordinating our next season of hikes. You may download the fall 2016 brochure. You may print it from your PDF reader. If you want to print front and back, be sure to click on Duplex and Flip on Short Side or similar options in your print driver.