Ring of Fire – Conesus Lake Picnic and Paddle – Monday July 3

For the last two years the happy kayakers have ventured out into the center of the Annual Conesus Lake Ring of Fire, while others less willing or non-kayakers enjoyed watching the fireworks from the shore. This year Springwater Trails is invited to join the happy kayakers for a picnic at 6:00 at Long Point Park in Geneseo to celebrate the 4th of July. The kayaking will launch at 8:00 and return at 10:00.

Because Conesus Lake can be rough at times and because of the return in darkness, only experienced kayakers will participate.  Also, we’ll only kayak if the weather is favorable.

Thanks to Jim Clark, Marine Patrol on Conesus Lake, we have the privilege of grouping at the Sheriff’s Substation on the lake.  The park is expected to be crowded to we will need to limit the number of hikers to 20. Please RSVP if you are planning to join us.

Fireworks are loud and close by. Dogs on leashes are allowed, but not encouraged for the comfort of both the dog and other spectators.

Traffic will be heavy, so plan ahead.  Please arrive at 6:00 to drop off your kayaks and park on the grounds. Bring a dish to pass, a beverage, a lawn chair or blanket, flashlight,  and mosquito repellent.  We will picnic at 7:00.  The excitement begins around dusk. 

Kayakers will need to have not only life preservers, but headlamps and bright lights on their boats as we will be on the lake amidst motorboats. Staying close to the shoreline, we will experience seeing the Ring of Fire from the lake.  We must stick close together and have a buddy system since it is easy to get disorientated in the dark.  Caution should be taken to avoid other boats and to be as bright as possible.  In addition, powerful fireworks will explode directly overhead and some sparkles may be hitting the water around us.  Communication is important. We will return to Long Point, planning additional  time to secure your kayak on your car in the dark.

The Conesus Lake of Fire is an incredible local event in our area. If you have not experienced it, come join us for a fun, memorable time!

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