“the Apple Farm” and Boughton Park – extended hike

Victor Hiking Trails (VHT) will be leading a hike this Saturday 3/25/2017 at 8:00 a.m. from “the Apple Farm” to Boughton Park, around the two ponds (aka former reservoirs) in Boughton Park and back to “the Apple Farm”, a distance of 9 to 11 miles, rated as strenuous and hilly.  Guesstimate of 3.5 – 4 hour hike.   **Traction Devices (TDs) will be very helpful for this hike (understated), given terrain and known conditions at this time of year.

The hike is part of the hike series of Genesee Valley Hiking Club (& GVHG Meetup).  All hikers are welcome.  Anyone who is interested is encouraged to sign up on the GVHG Meetup.   – – For this hike, parking and hike start point is at the Apple Farm. – –

(Of note, Springwater Trails hikers have hiked a few of our weekly Sunday hikes in Boughton Park.)

As in part described, this hike will cover not only parts of Boughton Park but also substantial mileage on the Seneca Trail and the spur trail that is within “the Apple Farm” (aka the Victor Apple Farm).

FYI – as was in the news – “the Apple Farm” (in Victor), located at 1640 NYS Rt 444 (on the west side of Rt 444), sustained a fire in the sales and office building on November 4th 2016, a total loss.  The remainder of the farm structures and orchard remain intact, and intent is to rebuild a sales and office building.

The Apple Farm is one on many property owners who grants access for hiking trails on privately owned property.

One thought for a possible future hike – – plan a hike in the autumn at the Apple Farm, and provide for post hike apple picking  (perhaps as a social event itself, or as part of a social that may be held at the Apple farm where picnic tables are provided, or separate from a social).  A symbiotic hike event, such that the Apple Farm as landowners providing hiking trails (and access thereto) and hikers support the the business of the landowners by purchasing apples and other goodies.

– – Back in the day, if this author recalls correctly, Maple Syrup from Sugarbush Hollow located in Springwater (owned by dearly departed Chuck Winship, a ST hiker and avid supporter of ST) was offered for sale at the Apple Farm store. – –



MMWDS – Role of Camp Portage and Erie RR in the Civil War

Have you ever pondered about the “Parade Grounds” area in Letchworth State Park?  What’s with the name and what is the history of the area?  Perhaps you’ve hiked & spent time there.  Well, read on for some answers.

The last program in the weekly Mount Morris Winter Discovery Series 2017 (MMWDS) serial of programs will be presented as follows:

Learn about the creation of Camp Portage (a Civil War Training Camp in Letchworth State Park) and the use of the Erie Railroad to transport Union Soldiers to the front lines! Presenter – MAX SZEMPLENSKI, Railroad Historian”


Of note, Camp Portage and the nearby Erie RR (both of yesteryear) are in today what we know as Letchworth State Park, in the area and surrounds known today as the “Parade Grounds”.   – – Some salience specifically of current events is: Sprinwater Trails hikers have on a number of occasions hiked in this area on some weekly scheduled Sunday hikes, and the 140+ year old Erie RR bridge which spans high above the Genesee River within Letchworth State Park currently has a replacement being built which will decommission the aging bridge.

The bridge, aka viaduct, has been subject of much attention as of late both in media postings and in program presentations put on for benefit of those in the community who have interest in the bridge and history.  One such program was sponsored by Penfield Trails Committee (PTC) on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 as part of PTCs annual Hikers Jamboree program.  Following the PTC sponsored program which was presented at Penfield Town Hall Auditorium, there where hikes in Penfield.  Both Springwater Trails and Genesee Valley Hiking Club participated in leading such hikes.

– Excerpts of a Springwater Trails website previously posted article on topic of the MMWDS 2017 are:

Springwater Trails hikers and others may be interested in a number of program presentations (lectures) in the Mount Morris Winter Discovery Series 2017.  In March, of particular salience in present day current events, as pertain to the Erie Railroad high bridge (Portage viaduct) spanning the Genesee River and constructon of a replacement bridge for this 140+ year old current trestle bridge, are the March 18th & 25th programs, among other programs of potential interest.

The annually recurrent Mount Morris Winter Discovery Series is offered January through March, on varying theme and topics. Each year holds about one dozen new program presentations.

The Mount Morris Winter Discovery Series 2017, is titled: “Life in America: Winter Discovery Series 2017”.  Facilities provided by The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mount Morris Dam and Recreation Area, located at the northern end (east side of the Genesee River) of Letchworth State Park.  All lectures are free of charge and will be held in the Visitor Center on Saturdays at 1pm.  The Visitor Center, aka the William B. Hoyt II Visitor Center, which opened in 1999, is an enclosed heated venue with indoor restrooms and is located adjacent the east side of the Army Corps of Engineers’ Mount Morris Flood Control Dam (which was constructed 1948-1952).  Often light refreshments are served at programs of the Winter Discovery Series.   [Please note, do not confuse this A.C.E. Visitor Center with the Letchworth State Park – Humphrey Nature Center which is located in Letchworth State Park on the west side of the Genesee River and further south of the A.C.E. Mt Morris flood control dam.]

Mount Morris Dam and Recreation Area Visitor Center is located at 6103 Visitor Center Road in Mount Morris, NY 14510. For more information call (585) 658-4790.

There are numerous exhibits and educational experiences in the Visitor Center, a brief opportunity may exist to view and experience some immediately prior to or after the Winter Discovery Series program.  Albeit, the Visitor Center is generally not otherwise open in the winter season.








Thorp Rd Prehike

Anyone want to prehike Sunday’s hike. I plan to meet at Thorp Rd at 10:00 Thursday and hike up to the top of Hunt Hollow ski area. Please give me a call or email me at info@springwatertrails.org.


Lost and Found

We received the following note from the Springwater Center, where we held our Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 19.

There was a cooler with the name “Bob” on it left in the basement. If you could give me his phone number or email address (assuming he came with Spr. Trails) I’ll let him know it is here. – Wayne

You can contact Wayne by sending an email to Info at Springwatertrails.org.