A busy latter half of September 2015

Well, Springwater Fiddlers Fair 2015 is now history, and so too the rains that periodically fell on the day of Saturday, Sept 19th, 2015.  Thanks go to all volunteers and participants!

Now, looking ahead in time-frame ’til the end of September, we find other activities and options on the Springwater Trails calendar plentiful, as evidenced by the listings on the righthand column of the website homepage.

And too, for hikers looking to take in a unique opportunity on Sunday, Sept 27th, 2015 just prior the 2:00PM S/T hike in Nunda, there is the long standing annual community celebration of St Michael’s Day (St Michael’s Feast Day) in form of a community Pig Roast and music by Steel Alchemy community steel drum band and also by The Geneseo String Band.  All held on the front lawn of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Geneseo, at 23 Main Street, starting approx 11:45AM or so (commencing following the 10:30AM worship services).  This is a free community outreach event, no admittance fee or donation required.   All are welcome, to church worship services and/or the St Michael’s Day Feast celebration, whether “dressed to the nines” or in hiking attire or work clothes.  – – A number of S/T hikers have indicated interest and intent to go prior to the hike.  If you go, you may find yourself torn in prying yourself away in time to make it to the hike, with all the great music, food, and community celebration. – –   (If you really want to make a donation in appreciation of this celebration, one would guess that a non-perishable donation for the community food drive would be greatly appreciated, albeit not even suggested in the event announcement.)

Some other happenings. *** In 2015, Autumnal Equinox is Sept 23, Wednesday. (The S/T website has an article of the kin Vernal Equinox.)    ***A full moon, this one also sometimes called a blood moon, as the moon turns red, will delight in a Total Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27th-28th, Sunday into Monday, visible in our Finger Lakes Region of NYS.   (Total eclipse event starts at 8:11PM Sunday, is at maximum at 10:47PM Sunday, and ends at 1:22AM on Monday.)    And perhaps also of interest to S/T hikers Sunday, Sept 27th Sunset is 6:59PM, while Moonrise is 6:51PM.   (This full moon is a “supermoon”, so moonrise will be spectacular for viewing).

National Hunting & Fishing Days are Sat & Sun 9/26 & 27/2015, and in recognition an event will be held at Mumford Sportsmen’s Club, 8667 Gulf Rd, Mumford, NY, both days 10AM-5PM.  Co-sponsored by NYSDEC and organizer Livingston County Federation of Sporting Clubs.  Numerous vendors, displays, and activities related to conservation/wildlife take place during these two days.

One last note on celestial bodies, light, hiking, and after-hike socials.  Sunday, Nov 22, 2015 (three days from full moon) with sunset at 4:41PM and moonrise at 3:29PM could possibly work for an outdoor after-hike social, if conditions otherwise lend themselves. At discretion of the Hike Planner of that day’s hike. Of course, for such possibilities having in place a “Plan B” is always a good thing.  Autumn 2015 (Springwater Trails hiking season) Full Moons: Oct 27, Nov 25, Dec 25 (Christmas Day).