Frequently Asked Questions

Springwater Trails FAQs

Q.  How can I find the hikes?
A.  Easy, check out the calendar in the sidebar to the right, or on the menu above. Events will be updated by Thursday before the Sunday hike.  Send your email address to [email protected], and we will add you to our weekly email list.

Q.  Is there a cost to hike with the group?
A.  No, the hikes are free!  The hikers usually gather for an optional after hike social and there can be a small cost for that depending on what the group decides to do.

Q.  Do you send email reminders about your hikes?
A.  Yes we do, generally on Thursday before the hike. If you would like to receive our emails, please join the Springwater Trails group at

Q.  Can I start hiking in the middle of a Round?
A.  Sure, new hikers are welcome anytime!  Join us every week, or occasionally when time permits.

Q.  Are dogs allowed?
A. Most hikes are dog friendly (for friendly dogs!) Dogs are welcome, properly leashed of course.  There are some places that do not allow dogs and we try to alert hikers in advance.  The dogs help make for great hikes!

Q.  Do you hike in the rain?
A.  We hike rain or shine!  However, we much prefer sunshine and warmer temperatures! We will cancel hikes if conditions are expected to make for hazardous travel to and from the hike. Active lightning or dangerous winds at the time of the hike will also cancel or cut the hikes short. Check this website for updates.

Hikers can pick and choose when they want to hike.  Check out our calendar and schedule on this site.

Q. Can I skip the social after the hike?
A.  Of course you can.  The social is an enjoyable ending to the hike, but it is always optional.  If you carpool to the hike, you will want to plan ahead if you want to skip the social.  Socials are generally at an area restaurant or at a hiker’s home.  Hikers brings a dish to pass and their own beverages if the social is at a home.  If you can’t bring a dish, you may come and make a small ($5) contribution to the social.

Q.  Can I volunteer to help lead and/or host a hike?
A.  Volunteers are always welcome!  Let’s discuss your ideas on the next hike. Or send an email to our hike coordinator.

Q.  Does the group ever meet to work on trail maintenance?
A.  We schedule trail maintenance on one Sunday a month during Spring, Summer and Fall quarters.  Thank you!

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