Springwater Trails, Inc. Annual Meeting – March 15, 2015

We will start the third Springwater Trails Annual Meeting at 5:00 during and following the Hike Social.  The agenda for this years meeting will be:

  • Review of Springwater Trails activities during 2014.
  • Bylaws amendment vote (See below).
  • Election of Executive Board members for 2015.
  • Announcement of a Trail Construction Committee, a Trail Maintenance Committee, and the Social Supplies Committee
  • A trek to Nepal – A talk with personal photos by Melissa Cohen


The Executive Board has recommended the following amendment to the Springwater Trails Bylaws, Section II paragraph 3 by adding the additional subparagraph 3.6 to read

3.6    Individuals, who have served the organization as an active committee member on a committee (including the Social Supplies Manager) established by the executive board for a full year term, shall be granted an honorary individual membership to the organization for the following year.


In accord with the Bylaws,  the election of officers to hold the positions of President, Vice President, VP of Hiking, Secretary, Treasurer and Trail Master will be held at the Annual Meeting at the Springwater Center in Springwater, NY.  The term for these positions is one year with no limitation on re-election. The slate of candidates is:

  • President:  Mark Hopkins
  • Vice President:  Eugene Binder
  • Vice President of Hiking:  Wendy Stevenson
  • Trail Master:  Rick Henchen
  • Secretary:  Katherine Humphrey
  • Treasurer:  Melissa Cohen

Members may vote for one candidate in each position above.  Family memberships allow two individuals in the family to cast a ballot. For a given officer position, the winner is the candidate with the most votes. Voting may be completed with an email to the chairman of the nominating committee at treasurer@springwatertrails.org or in person at the Annual Meeting.

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