AWTF Mushroom Hike

Table 1 including Chicken of the Woods (Yellow on left end) and Hens of the Woods (Gray at far end) both of which are edible

Table 1 including Chicken of the Woods (Yellow on right end) and Hen of the Woods (Gray at far end) both of which are edible

We had a successful mushroom hike on Sunday at Katherine Humphrey’s farm, as measured by the two tables full of different mushrooms, and the wonderful stories about each type provided by Dr. Randy Weidner of Bath NY and the Rochester Area Mycological Association.

Table 2 included some poisonous mushrooms which we were discouraged from trying.

Table 2 included some poisonous mushrooms which we were discouraged from trying.

Our group included many mushroom hunters taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the expert advice on identifying mushrooms.  We split into two groups with the climbers walking the perimeter of the farm and enjoying the trees and the views and the mushrooms about equally.  The naturalists spread out in the woods and went on their way individually or in pairs. with a resulting larger collection of mushrooms.

Following the hike, we enjoyed learning about the different mushrooms.  Randy showed us examples where cutting open the mushroom helps with the identification. One mushroom turned pink at the top of the stem and blue at the bottom when it was cut open – quite pretty.

A social on Katherine’s lawn completed a very pleasant hike to end our 2016 Summer season of hikes.  Our thanks to Randy and Katherine and to Douglas Kostyk for recording the sights.

Springwater Comprehensive Plan Open House

All residents, business owners, community leaders, and individuals with an interest in the future of Springwater are welcome and urged to attend this important event,  to  hear about the Plan, and share your thoughts in this effort to help shape the direction of our community for the next decade.

For further information contact:
Carolyn Tinney, Chair
Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee
(585) 669-2545

Download the Draft Plan and Appendix.

More details here.

Backpacker Alert

A friend of mine is hiking the North Country Trail from its eastern terminus at Crown Point to his home state of Ohio.  As many of you know, the NCT in New York overlaps with the Finger Lakes for a considerable distance, from Cuyler (east of I-81) all the way westward to Allegheny State Park.

His name is Rick Ostheimer, trail nicname “Handlebar” and he’s hiked the Triple Crown of long distance trails – AT, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail – as well as many others.  At age 71, he’s quite a role model!  BTW he hikes in a kilt and has a long, flowing white beard.

If you’d like to follow his progress and/or offer assistance, here’s the link to his on-line trail journal.  I knew he was planning this hike and hoped to help him, but Pam and are leaving on our trip Thursday so we’ll miss him.  Per the last entry in his journal, he was in Durhamville Friday night.