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New WordPress Editor

Yesterday I received word that the Springwater Trails website has been upgraded to WordPress version 5.0.

The major change in this version is a new editor. When you create or edit a Post you will be using the new editor.  This occurs if you want to write about a hike we have taken – for example, if you lead a hike and would like to describe how it went and include some pictures.

Here are some of the changes to the editor. 

Melissa and Donna go over the edge
  • The editor seems much cleaner. In other words, things you are used to seeing around the editor box on your screen have moved and you will need to hunt for them.  So far, I haven’t noticed anything missing, but you will need to look.
    • Specifically the right side shows Document and Block tabs.  The default is Block, which contains settings for the current block – often a block is just a paragraph, but more later.
    • Most of the old settings are under the Document Tab.
    • Above the editor region is a short menu on the left and a “Publish” menu on the right.  If you want to save your Post to come back to later, you can “Save Draft”.  That way, only you can see it when you go to the Dashboard and click on Posts->All Posts. If you “Publish” then it becomes available to the public on the website, although you can still come back and edit it.  
    • We rarely change the date that a post is published. If you want to do that, the publish date is on the Document tab.
  • The editor uses blocks. Generally, when you press the Enter key at the end of a Paragraph, the editor will create a new block for you.  The idea is you then can easily move your blocks around, without concern about what is inside them.  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to move blocks except by switching to the Code Editor and cutting and pasting the block.

More info later, as I learn.

Hike Day Guidelines

Springwater Trails Organization

Revised 10/19/2018

Attendance Check In

All hikers are expected to check in prior to each hike.  An attendance sheet will be provided where hikers can

  • All hikers should sign their name and provide their phone #, if they have their cell phone with them, on the attendance sheet.
  • The phone number will be used if the hiker needs to be contacted during the hike.
  • The signature acknowledges an understanding of these guidelines including that the hiker is participating at their own risk. Continue reading

Annual All Western Mushroom Foray

On Sunday (9/16/2018), we enjoyed the fifth Mushroom hike on the All Western Evergreen Nursery & Christmas Tree Farm on Liberty Pole Road.  Thanks to Tony for the pictures. 

Twenty-four people enjoyed collecting mushrooms.  Even though the weather was warm and sunny, we were surprised at the number of mushrooms found. The Tree Farm has many trees that are native to the western US, so we are always on the lookout for unusual mushrooms. 

I was able to give a tour on the Utility vehicle to those that needed a ride.  Participants were issued paper bags for collections and Georgia helped identifying the found mushrooms. 

At the social afterwards we all had a wonderful spread of pot luck food.  Linda made a mushroom cake that went over extremely well.  

It’s a girl

Esme Ava Xiaojun Lee
7lb 1oz
19 inches

As of 8:50 Thursday, September 13, 2018, Linda and I are grandparents!