Chimney Bluffs, Victor Hiking Trails, Saturday, August 12

The Victor Hiking Trails August hike will be in Chimney Bluffs State Park. Good opportunity to see this unique scenic area, and the erosion caused by the rising levels of Lake Ontario. As the date gets closer, go to the web site for details.

Learning about birds, Sunday, May 7

On Sunday, May 7, our hike will be a joint one with Victor Hiking Trails, in Victor, closer to my new home area.  Our Mr. happiness-in-hiking is the able planner and you will shortly see more details about the hike from him.  Basically, 2 hikes will be offered.  We will offer our usual vigorous workout and, the more leisurely choice will be a nature walk in a beautiful bluebird sanctuary.  While I am listed as this group leader, I am fortunate to be joined by one or two gentlemen who have extensive experience and knowledge about local birds.  If you plan to choose this hike, bring a pair of binoculars, if you can.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about birds, this is the best time of the year to do it, for the following reasons:

  1. Migratory birds are returning from their winter sites and can be seen, whether they’re in the process of courting and building nests, or passing through to breeding sites further north.
  2. The cocks have their colorful breeding plumage, to attract the hens, making it easier to see, and identify the gender.  After the breeding season, many cock’s plumage becomes more drab.
  3. The cocks are also singing, to proclaim their breeding territory, and attract hens.  Many bird songs are unique and they can be identified by their song, even if they can’t be seen.  With the leaves being back on the trees, seeing them can be more difficult.

Hiking, biking and raspberries on Ontario Pathways, 7/3/16

Probably due to the combination of distance from Springwater and the midst of a mid summer holiday weekend, only 7 hikers participated on this one.  We’ve had better attendance when its been 10 degrees in January.  This day, we had nearly perfect hiking conditions, 80 degrees and a pleasant breeze.

John was the only biker, and did a solo 2 hour ride on his bike.  Katherine and Char did the tourist hike, from Freshour Rd. to the west end meeting place.  They had a nice deer sighting on the trail.  Gene, Pat and Tony went from the county fair grounds on CR 10.  About a half mile from there, just before the trail crosses CR 4, there were raspberry bushes loaded with plump ripe berries and each hiker collected a load of them.  There were plenty of green berries for future picking for any lovers of our area’s summer bounty.  As usual, Tony took plenty of pictures to post on Facebook.

The after hike social was at a picnic table outside the New Covenant Baptist Church, on the south side of CR 46, where the trail crosses it just east of CR 10.  This church is very accommodating to hikers.  Georgia brought assorted crackers and cheeses, including one with tequila and lime, which was a new one for us.  Katherine had her usual delicious and healthy salad of assorted fruit, and Char, known for her desserts, came through nicely again with a very tasty cake.

Bristol Trail Maintenance, Thursday, September 24, 8 AM

This Thursday morning will be our last work session this year, on our section of the Bristol Hills Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail, between Clement Rd (access 3), and the DEC garage on SR 245 (access 5).  We will meet at 8 AM at the tables outside Bob and Ruth’s, in Naples, to plan our day.  There we can get coffee and breakfast items, if desired, and, most important, use their plumbing facilities.  Bring work gloves and tools, such as loppers.  The Nature Conservancy will also have a work party that day, working on their West Hill Preserve section, meeting at the Seman Road trailhead, at 9:30.

Hiking trails require constant maintenance to keep them usful for hiking.  Please join us, if you can, to help make this beautiful trail accessable and enjoyable for the coming winter season.  Any questions, contact Gene at [email protected] or 728-5166.