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Our next hike


Hiking and swimming, Cohocton Town Park, August 3, 4 PM

This Sunday, our activities will be based in Lawrence Parks Town Park, on Atlanta Back Rd., in Cohocton, where we will meet, in the parking lot, at 4 PM.  There is an admission charge for the park of $1.00 per person.  When you pay, you will receive a ticket.  If you leave and return, show the ticket, and you will not have to pay again.  One admission includes use of all of the park’s facilities, such as pool, bathrooms, picnic tables, hiking trails, etc.

For those who want a good hiking workout, Marty will lead a car pool caravan to the nearby Tumble Hill Campground.  There, he will lead a hike, up a hill, where, at the summit, you will see, up close, one of Cohocton’s wind turbines.  We did a similar hike in December but, because it was a week before Christmas, only a few of us were able to attend.

For those of you who prefer something more leasurly, Gene will lead a nature walk on the trail in the town park.  Another option, if the day is hot and sunny, you can get your Sunday afternoon exercise with 2 hours of lap swimming, in the pool.  We had hoped to offer a kayaking option on the Cohocton River but, unfortunately, the water level is too low this late in the summer.  If you like this location, we’ll try it again next summer, this time perhaps in June.

Optional after hike social will be a picnic at the town park.  Bring a dish to pass or make a donation.  If it’s hot and sunny, you can first cool off in the swimming pool.  If you think you’d like to do this, be sure to bring your swim wear.  They have a bath house, with changing rooms and flush toilets, for our use.  The park has 3 pavillions and, although all 3 have been rented for that weekend, if any are vacant at 6 PM, we can use it at no charge.  If they’re all still occupied, and it’s not raining, there may be some vacant  outside tables.  You might want to bring folding chairs and tables, if needed.  If it’s raining, and all pavillions are still occupied, we can always go to Atlanta for chicken and biscuits.

From 390, get off on exit 2.  Left at the exit ramp, then right on Maple Ave (SR 415).  Left on SR 371 and left on Atlanta Back Rd.  The park is about a mile down, on the right.

News from Springwater


Stid Hill

IMG_0680Seven hikers and three dogs climbed Stid Hill on Sunday.  The trail starts through a mowed field and enters forest as the climb begins.  Stid Hill is a steep hill separating Bristol Valley from Canandaigua Lake.

IMG_0673On the way up the hill, the forest was varied and included large oak trees. The ground was quite rocky. As we approached the top, we passed piles of rocks collected at the time that pastures covered the top of the hill. Here the trees were smaller.IMG_0675

The day was warm and hard on the dogs. Fortunately Joan had a water bowl for Skippy and Duffy to share. Still the stream back at the bottom of the hill was a welcome relief for everyone wearing a fur coat.

After the dogs walked through the stream, the hike ended with a bit of acrobatics getting back up onto the bridge.  Burgers were waiting at Lock Stock and Barrel just a mile down the road.

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