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Our next hike


Exploring the Canadice Lake Shoreline – October 5, 2014 2:00 (note Fairhaven hike postponed)

canadice lake hike
Sometimes you just have to seize the moment when our “little finger lakes” provide a unusual hiking opportunity. The weather has been unseasonably warm, the lake level of Canadice Lake is unusually low, and bow hunting season is upon us. The City of Rochester has been working on clearing debris in the Canadice Outlet area and log jams on  the dam off Rt. 15A in Hemlock.    This has resulted in the lowering of the Canadice Lake waters and keeping  the lake waters on Hemlock Lake higher. For the past two years, Springwater Trails  have  hiked the shorelines of Hemlock Lake at this time of year.  This year, the Canadice Lake shoreline provides hikers a unique opportunity for us to experience.

canadice lake 5
While kayaking on Canadice Lake this week, I followed the shoreline to the North End to examine the possibility of an entire hike around the shoreline of Canadice Lake.  What I experienced confirmed that a change of hike location was needed for our local hikers.    We will meet at the South Canadice Lake Trail on Canadice Lake Road at 1:45 for immediate take off at 2:00.    canadice lake sept. 2013 094Following the trail through the swampy area to the west side, we will drop onto the shoreline and hike to the spillway area at the northwest end of the lake, then cross over to the northeast shoreline and hike at least to the boat launch or further, time permitting.  Climbers will attempt to hike the entire shoreline at a fast pace, Tourists will hike to the boat launch for a pick up, and Naturalists may walk at their desired pace as far as they wish for an hour and return to their cars.  Bring your cameras for capturing fall foliage pictures, sighting the eagles, and colorful reflections in the water.

canadice lake 3

After hike social/campfire will be at Pam’s on Old Bald Hill Road.  Bring a healthy fall dish to pass and your drink of choice. Also, for those interested in beginning archery, bring your bows and arrows!
canadice lake sept. 2013 104

News from Springwater


Schribner Trail Building

image001We set up a big challenge for Sunday, with almost a mile of new trail to be cleared and two hundred feet of trail to be leveled. The entire trail was through the woods with very little undergrowth needing to be cleared.  However, there are always branches and small trees to be removed to make are clear trail  And we fully expected the portion that needed leveling to be littered with rocks and roots which could easily require more tools than we had.

image002Twelve volunteers came Sunday at 2:00.  The sun was out with lots of blue sky and we knew we could get lots done.  Two groups were formed – Linda’s Loppers ready to climb the hill and create a new trail, and Ricks Rakers who wanted to see what could be done to level the existing trail.



Rick’s Rakers got right to work. Rakers first removed the leaves and sticks and stones on the trail.  Then, using a small power cultivator, Rick loosened the ground. IMG_0708WStraight logs were found and placed on the down-hill side of the trail and then the soil was raked flat.



Now, some gravel or mulch will protect the soil and make a very pleasant trail.

Meanwhile the loppers headed toward the top of the hill to work on the new portion of the trail.  As they approached the new trail, the front came through and the rain started.  Rather than move farther from safety as the rain seemed to be strengthening, the loppers turned around to work on the older portion of the trail.  The rock bridge across the creek was improved and extended across the swampy area near the creek.  When the group connected with the rakers, they pitched right in to complete that task.

IMG_1355WSo, the trail leveling was very successful but the trail extension will need to wait for better weather.  Thanks to everyone who helped, the Springwater Trail continues to be developed. Gene says that’s worth celebrating!

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