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Our next hike


No hike this weekend, but lots to do! – February 1, 2015

Springwater Trails is taking February 1st off.  Hikers looking for another hike may want to check out the following websites:

Now a brief preview of our events coming up in February and March.

  • On February 8, Gene has planned a hike on the Ontario Pathways in Canandaigua – join us with your skis or snowshoes to enjoy the winter snow.
  • On March 15, the Springwater Trails Annual Meeting will be held following our hike at the Springwater Center. Please join us for a review of 2014 and the election of the Executive Board for 2015.
  • In preparation for the Annual Meeting, you can send nominations for the Executive Board to Melissa at treasurer@springwatertrails.org.  The offices are: President, Vice President of Hiking, Secretary, Treasurer and Trail Master.
  • The weekends March 21, 22 and March 28, 29, Springwater Trails will be serving the Pancake Breakfast at Stoney Ridge Farms in Farmington.  Please sent us an email at info@springwatertrails.org if you can volunteer to help.

Finally, if you would like to make a cash contribution to Springwater Trails, please purchase a Membership in Springwater Trails today. For a contribution of $20 ($30 for a family) you will know you are supporting the blazing of the Springwater Trail and the publishing of our seasonal Hiking brochure. Again this year, memberships are being offered at half price, now through the annual meeting on March 15. To buy a membership for 2015, please complete the form below and mail it and a check payable to Springwater Trails, to

Springwater Trails, Inc
PO Box 162
Springwater, NY 14560

Name:  _______________________________

Address:   _____________________________   ______________________________________   ______________________________________

Phone:  _______________________________

Email: ________________________________

Individual Membership   ______________ $20 $10

Family Membership‡        ______________ $30  $15
‡ A family membership is entitled to two emails and two votes.  Please enter the second name and email.
2nd Name  _____________________
2nd Email  _____________________

Contributing Member*     ____________ $100  $50
* Contributing Members are listed on our website.  Please write the name to appear if different from the name above.

Other donation  _______________

TOTAL   _______________

News from Springwater


Winterfest Hike Recap

IMG_0860WFor those of you who missed the big event at Mendon Ponds Park, here is a quick accounting of the day’s event. Around the park there were numerous “winter” activities to enjoy. There was a good turnout. Springwater Trails had a presence at the winter Hiking Gear Display. Huge thanks to Don who organized the array of traction devices for winter hikers. He did a fine job of representing the gamut of gear for trekkers of all terrains. Don also did a fine job of promoting our own Springwater Trails activities to all who stopped by. Our nine hikers set off from Hopkins Point at 3:15, just as the rain subsided. We welcomed two new folks, Charlie and Sara, on their first hike with us. We headed up the West Esker following the Orange Loop for its entirety. Mendon Ponds Park is noted in the National Registry of Natural Landmarks for its glacial formations, the eskers and kettle ponds being two of them. It was a fairly easy walk with a few moderate hills. At the end of the loop, Mark and Georgia set off to explore the lower regions of the area by the pond, while the rest of us descended to the Devil’s Bathtub, a kettle hole. No one was inclined to test out the ice. After a steep climb out of the Bathtub, the group set out for a stroll on the Grasslands Trail. We encountered numerous deer browsing in the twilight. Our tour concluded with a nice meander along the ridge between Devil’s Bathtub and Deep Pond, a lovely vantage point as the sun set. Arrival back at Hopkins Point Lodge was timed perfectly. We had the place to ourselves, as the ROC group had already departed. The Crock Pots were steaming and sending off enticing aromas for the hungry horde of 9. Again kudos to Don for arranging for us to have the lodge for our social, free of charge. Supper was nothing less than superb, with amazing soup, stew, chili and chicken. Char’s cake was an outstanding conclusion to a perfect evening.



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