A Winter High Tor Hike

Sunday’s hike will follow trails on the top side of High Tor Wildlife Management Area in Naples.There are many trails within High Tor ranging from the Bristol Hills Branch (orange) of the FLT, to maintenance roads (dashed red) maintained by DEC. Between are the Blue Trail (blue) which crosses the BHB, and several other interesting trails (gray). This hike will stay up top on trails appropriate for boots, snowshoes or skis (depending on the snow conditions!).

We will all meet at the DEC parking area on Basset Rd near the west end of the road (See the map to the right). Please arrive in time to get your preferred equipment on in order to start the hike at 2:00 PM. We will have three hikes based on distance.  Hike leaders may adjust the hikes to accommodate our hikers and the weather. Please note: in the following hike descriptions, the term road refers to the maintenance road, which  is more accurately called a wide trail.

All hikers will start on the same trail out of the parking area. The Naturalists will take the left route and follow the maintenance road up to the BHB trail. Turniing left onto the BHB (orange blazes) they will quickly come to the pond and will explore the shore of that. Returning on the BHB to the maintenance road, the Naturalists will follow their own footsteps back to the cars.

The Finger Lakes Trail from Naples to Parrish Gully. The Howard Beye memorial bench.

The Tourists will go to the right and follow the roads counter-clockwise (turn left at intersections). When they meet the road that the Naturalists came up, the BHB will be to the right. If time permits they can turn right and follow the road (the BHB follows the road most of the way, but breaks off into the woods before the overlook) to the lean-to and overlook of Canandaigua Lake. Returning on the road, they will retrace their steps to the point where the BHB turns right. The tourists will continue straight (not on the BHB) south to the cars. They will likely meet up with the Naturalist on the final leg and will then return together to the cars.

The Climbers will carpool to the East Hill Rd entrance to the Blue Trail. This property is part of the FLCC and there is a nice parking area just off East Hill Rd for us to park. The Trail starts at the corner of the driveway and the road and heads across the field to the woods and the up along the edge of the woods. There is also a ski trail that takes the diagonal across the field, in case anyone wishes to bring their skis. Most parts of the trail have an inch of snow, enough for skiing, but there was some ice and wet ice that may bother skis. Unless we get another 2 inches before Sunday, I am not planning to ski. The trail is well marked once it gets into the woods, and even if you take the ski route which seems to chris-cross the blue trail with slightly longer switchbacks, they all come out at the same spot at the edge of the High Tor WMA. Turn left to stay on the blue trail around a small pond. The intersection with the BHB (orange blazes) is well marked. Turn right onto the orange trail.  We will go by the Howard Beye memorial bench and then join up with maintenance trails. The overlook is to the left, and the cars at Basset Rd are to the right.

Following the hike, we will meet to socialize, warm up and eat at the Redwood Inn. (Return to Naples, and turn left on NY 21.  The Inn is on the left.


From Naples: Take NY 53 south from Naples for 1.1 miles. Turn left onto Italy Valley Rd (CR 21) for 2.1 miles. Turn left onto Basset Rd, when the main road takes a sharp right turn. Parking is on the left in 0.2 miles.

Additional directions are available here.

A First Day Hike Along Canadice Lake

The Hike:

A First Day hike along Canadice Lake.

Start the New Year the way you mean to go on – come for an inspiring hike along Canadice Lake! This is an easy, 1.8-mile hike along the shore of the lake; the trail is level and well-maintained and the lake views are lovely. For most hikers it will be a walk along the lake for an hour or so, and then back the same way; more enthusiastic hikers can veer off on Rob’s Trail that leads over the ridge and down to Hemlock Lake – this is a moderate to hard trail with several steep uphill and downhill sections. We’ll take a roll call the day of the hike if anyone wants to walk Rob’s Trail. We’ll arrange for transport back for those who only want to walk one way. Dress appropriately for the weather, carry water and some energy food, and carry a walking pole if it helps. Leashed pets are allowed.





A First Day hike along Canadice Lake.

This is not a “routine” Sunday hike – for a start, it’s happening on a Wednesday! The hike is promoted by the NYS DEC, and is part of a larger program of First Day Hikes to encourage people to get out and experience the magnificent Sate of New York that they live in. As an extra enticement, there will be a raffle at the start of the hike; DEC is giving away a free Empire Pass to one lucky hiker who has the winning raffle ticket. We’ll be giving every hiker who shows up before the 10:00am start time a raffle ticket; naturally, DEC employees and any organizers of the hike will not be offered tickets – that would be way too suspicious!





The Meet-Up Location

All First Day hikers should meet at the parking area off Purcell Hill Road, Town of Canadice, Ontario County. Google Maps (leaves this website)

The Social

There won’t be an organized social on this hike.


The Naples Ecumenical Christmas Concert

We have decided not to hike the hills and dales this Sunday. Instead, by popular demand, we shall gather at St. Januarius church on Main Street in Naples, and enjoy the stunning annual Christmas concert. For those with concerns about the separation of religion and hiking, this is a secular event. While there may be plenty of traditional christian Christmas music, there will not be any proselytizing.

St. Januarius is 180 North Main Street in Naples, NY. It is on the northern side of the village, a 100 yards or so south of Roots restaurant and on the opposite side of the street.

There’s no meeting places as such. We’ll just show up at the church and find seats. It would be wise to come early – this is a popular concert.

The concert starts at 2:00pm.