Kayak and hike on the Marrow Beds

This Sundays hike will include a 3 mile easy hike and (or)  kayak in the wetland pond known to locals as ” The Marrow Beds”. This pond was excavated during the late 1800”s and was reported to be as deep as 45 feet. the pond has silted in over time and the deepest spot is about 4 feet. The morrow was loaded on a small set of railroad tracks and sent across town to the cement works.
An picture of the pond where we will be kayaking.
There is an abundance of wild life (water birds of various kinds, turtles,beavers and occasional eagle sightings).

We will have a Social in the yard, practicing “social distancing”.  Bring a snack with you also.


From Wayland: From the intersection of Rt 15 and 21, head west on NY-63 (Naples St) for 1.2 miles. Turn left onto Dieter Rd. Dieter Rd will make a 90° right turn, and then you should immediately turn left toward the Rod and Gun Club.  Rick is the home on the left.

From Dansville: Head southeast on NY-63 S/Main St toward Wayland for 4.5 miles. Turn right onto Deiter Rd.  Continue past the Transfer Station for 0.6 miles. Just before Dieter Rd will makes a 90° left turn, turn right toward the Rod and Gun Club.  Rick is the home on the left.

Social Distancing is still important for all of us. Please carry masks for the times when we do gather to talk as a group and gloves when you touch other’s equipment.

Springwater Trails Planned Activity

As of May 15th, the NY Finger Lakes, and the Southern Tier Regions can begin to reopen after the NY Pause for COVID-19. In Phase 1 of this reopening, outdoor “low-risk recreational activities” are now allowed.  Based on this, the Springwater Trails executive board met Thursday to discuss resuming our Sunday hikes. So, our good news is we believe we can carry on Sunday hikes starting May 24. (this gives us time to get a description of each hike out to you, and it avoids the rain expected this Sunday).

We are going to make some changes to the hike format for the rest of this spring, as our best effort to keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus.

  1. We are going to emphasize kayaking over hiking.  Kayaking naturally enforces social distancing, which clearly makes it a low-risk activity.  We are calling this Water Hiking.
    However, we will continue to plan one or two regular hikes with different levels, to allow hikers who do not wish to kayak to participate.
  2. We plan to avoid shared food and restaurants for our socials following our hikes.We will try outdoor picnics.
  3. Hiking groups will be limited to 10 hikers or less.
  4. Hikers will need to maintain a six foot separation between participants, and should carry a face mask, and wear it when social distancing may be difficult to maintain.
  5. Initially, hikes will be out and back or loops to avoid carpools.

Our primary concern is our pre-hike gathering, and the loading and unloading of kayaks. During these times when close contact will be more likely, we need all participants to take extra care to maintain proper social distancing. I am sure that Springwater Trails will take the safety procedures seriously while still making our hikes a friendly, inviting activity.

So, get out your Kayaks, and your hiking equipment. We will send out the specifics about the May 24th hike/kayak at Hemlock Lake next week, and we hope to see some of you on the water.

Boating and Hiking at Hemlock Lake

As the COVID-10 pandemic recedes and New York opens up Springwater Trails will resume hiking on May 24th – Memorial Day. We want to encourage prudent social separation until the governor recommends otherwise so we’ll be planning on plenty of boating and bicycling over the next few months as a natural way of operating as a group and keeping well separated. We would like our hikers to carry masks for the times when we do gather to talk as a group, but doing anything strenuous while wearing a mask isn’t going to work. Our hikes during the pandemic will be “in-and-out” hikes, and we will avoid car sharing and the shuttling of cars to pick up at the far end of a one way hike.


Kayaking on Hemlock Lake

The Memorial Day hike will be at Hemlock Lake. We will meet at the parking area near the north boat launch at 4:00. For those who choose to walk there’s Rob’s Trail running south along the shore of the lake; paddlers are asked to arrive about 20 minutes early to have time to ready their boats for a 4:00 launch.Rob’s Trail isn’t suitable for normal bicycling, though dedicated mountain bikers are welcome to try it.

Boaters will head south along the eastern shore from the launch for 2-3 miles, depending on the conditions and the speed of the paddlers. After 1 hour they will turn back to the launch along the western or eastern shore.

Hikers will all walk south on Rob’s Trail as far as they as comfortable with, and then turn back.


The Social

We will have a social at the end of the hike. We won’t share food as we usually do, but we can gather at the picnic tables at the north end of the lake and each hiker can deal with his or her own lunch box.



From NY15A south of Hemlock, NY turn  west onto Rix Hill Rd. then immediately left onto Boat Launch Rd.  The launch and parking area are 1.1 miles south.