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The Settling of Springwater

In 1796, James and John Garlinghouse put up a cabin in the Hunt Hollow, slightly within the current borders of Springwater. In 1807 Seth Knowles brought his family across the in of Hemlock lake, to a log cabin he had built the previous year in what is now Springwater.

Creation of Springwater ActThe Town of Springwater was formed by an act of the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York on April 17, 1816, with an effective date of “the first Monday of April next” or April 7, 1817. The first town meeting was held on April 9th, 1817.  Elected at the first meeting were a Supervisor, town clerk, 3 assessors, 3 commissioners of highways, 3 school commissioners, 2 overseers of the poor, 2 school inspectors, a constable, 11 path masters who also served as fence viewers, and 2 pound masters. Several men served in multiple posts.

Springwater from Livingston county atlas 1872An Atlas of 1872 shows that many of the current roads in the town were well established 55 years after the creation of the town.  Click on the image for a full size copy of the atlas page.

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Livingston Co Highest Point

Weather Update Based on our pre-hike on Saturday,, we recommend snow shoes or possibly skis if you have them. The snow was 6 or 7 inches deep and it will be easier to be on top of the snow.

benchmarkSpringwater is home to the highest point in Livingston County at 2244 feet above sea level. You can compare this to the highest point in the surrounding counties. Ontario County (Frost Hill) above Wesley Hill Preserve is 36 feet higher, and Steuben County (Jackson Hill)  south of Canisteo is 156 feet higher. On the other hand, Hopper Hill west of Boughton Park in Monroe County is 1200 feet lower.

This Sunday, we will hike on New York State land in the north east corner of Springwater to the actual high point. We will start at the Ontario/Livingston county line on Wetmore Rd at 2000ft and will generally follow the snowmobile trail along the county line and then south through the woods to the highest point. The high point is on private land and we have permission this Sunday to see the actual benchmark placed in 1939. We will then continue south to Dutch Hollow Rd at about 1850ft.

Small portions of this hike will be off the trail, but overall it is not a difficult hike.

We will divide into two groups.  The Naturalists/Tourists will primarily stay on the snowmobile trails and will cover 2.4 miles.  They will end on Dutch Hollow Rd and we will carpool back to the start point. The Climbers will follow the same route, but will walk back to the cars, stopping to see another benchmark at the corner of Tabors Corners Rd and Wetmore Rd.

Following the hike, join us at John’s home on French Hill Rd.  Directions will be available at the end of the hike. Please bring a dish to pass, your favorite beverage and your singing voice. We will do some seasonal singing around John’s piano.


From Springwater: Head north on NY 15A. In 0.8 miles, turn right onto Wheaton hill Rd. At the tee (in 3.4 miles) turn left onto Wetmore Rd.  In 1 mile, park on the left side just before Tibbals Rd.

From Honeoye: Head west on US 20A. Turn left onto CR 37. In 3.7 miles, when CR 37 turns right, continue straight onto Canadice Hill Rd. Continue straight when Ross Rd turns slightly to the right. Go past Harriet Hollister Spencer SRA. At the Springwater Town Line, park on the right just past Tibbals Rd.

From Naples:

(Note that there are seasonal roads between Naples and our hike. If you want to use your GPS (good luck) and take the back roads, head first to the intersection of Garlinghouse and Pardee Hollow. Do not go over Richards Rd, Coates Rd, Liddiard Rd, Warner Rd or Feather St. If you want to get there without incident, follow the directions below).

Take NY 21 S through North Cohocton. Turn right in North Cohocton, to stay on NY 21. In 3.8 miles, turn right onto CR 37 (The sign says Bowles Corners). Stay on CR 37 as it becomes Livingston CR 36 (Tabors Corner Rd) for 5.4 miles until the first stop sign. Turn right onto Wetmore Rd. In one mile, park on the left side just before Tibbals Rd.

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East Springwater Hike and Bike

Hey, the weather predictions were correct – there is snow on the ground and the temperature at 9:00 is only 29° with a predicted high of 33, so we are cancelling the bike ride.  BUT, we are hiking, so put on your orange vest and your hiking boots and come enjoy East Springwater by foot!

This Sunday we are offering something different – a bike or hike. (Well, maybe not so special since we are only hiking.) Come enjoy East Springwater either at a walking or a riding pace, according to your preferences.

This hike/bike is a part of the Bicentennial Celebration of Springwater.

Before we start, three cautions:

  1. This hike will start at our regular winter time of 2:00PM
  2. If you are hiking please wear orange or another bright color. This will be the second day of regular deer hunting season.
  3. If the temperature is below 40° then we do not plan to ride. .If you are unsure, please check the website Sunday at noon.

All hikers and bikers will meet at the barn at Punky Hollow near the corner of Pardee Hollow Rd and Tabors Corners Rd in Springwater. As always, please park carefully, as this is private property. Following the hike/bike, please join us for a social at John Larysz’s house. Bring a dish to pass and your beverage, or make a contribution ($5) to the social fund. Thanks John and Sue for volunteering your home.

Hiking above East Springwater

Hikers will hike on Punky Hollow trails. Based on the number of hikers, we will have one or two groups, both of which will follow trails through the woods to the top of the hill to look down on the Cohocton Creek and on Dutch Hollow. As time permits, we will explore the hill top and then return to the cars over a different trail

Biking Dutch Hollow and Tabors Corners This hike is canceled due to the weather!

School #4

Dust those cobwebs off your bike and pump up those tires.  Prepare to enjoy the hills of Tabors Corners on two wheels.  Yes there will be a few elevation challenges on this ride.  We will travel at a leisurely pace, but be prepared for some lovely scenery and a good workout.

This ride will pass two former school houses in Springwater.  Keep your eyes open to School #4 at Tabors Corners and Wetmore, and School # 17 on Pardee Hollow just before the end of the ride.

Bikers will meet at the Punky Hollow event building (site of the Fiddlers’ Fair), on Pardee Hollow Rd., ready to ride at 2:00 PM.  Riders will head west on Pardee Hollow then north on Tabors Corners Rd.   At the junction of Wetmore Rd.  we will head north for another mile to reach the town line of Springwater at Tibbals Rd.  From there we will head back south on Wetmore turning south on Tabors Corners Rd.  The ride continues to Dutch Hollow Rd., which we will follow for about 4 miles back to Pardee Hollow,  Turning right we will have a nice downhill cruise back to the parking area.  Total distance is 11 miles.

If it the road is snow covered or the temperature is below 40 degrees the ride will be cancelled and we will walk with the hiking group.


From Springwater: Head north on NY 15A from the light in Springwater. Take the first right onto Wheaton Hill Rd. At the Tee at the top of the hill (3.4 mi), turn right onto Wetmore Rd. In 1.2 mi, at the stop sign, turn right onto Tabors Corners Rd. Take the first right in 1.8mi onto Pardee Hollow Rd.  The Barn is on the right. Park in the driveway at the far end of the barn, or along the side of Pardee Hollow Rd.

From Wayland: Head east on NY 21 from the intersection with NY 15. in 3 miles, turn left onto CR 37. The road sign says Bowles Corners, although the road name is Tabors Corners. In 3.6 miles, turn right onlo Pardee Hollow Rd  The Barn is on the right. Park in the driveway at the far end of the barn, or along the side of Pardee Hollow Rd.

From Honeoye: Head west on NY 20A. Turn left (south) on CR 37 at the Valley Inn. Continue staight onto Canadice Hill Rd in the hamlet of Canadice. In 2.4 miles, Ross Rd goes off to the right, but stay straight to stay on Canadice Hill Rd. .In 2.4 miles of dirt road, the road enters Springwater and the name changes  to Wetmore Hill. Continue straight on Wetmore Rd. At the stop sign after going over the hill, turn right onto Tabors Corners Rd. Take the first right in 1.8mi onto Pardee Hollow Rd.  The Barn is on the right. Park in the driveway at the far end of the barn, or along the side of Pardee Hollow Rd.

The after hike social at John’s, is just a few turns away on French Hill Rd.  Directions will be available at the hike.

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Farm to Farm Hike

Christmas Trees at the top of AWTFThis Sunday we will be hiking on three farms on the west hill of Springwater.  On the following Saturday, two of these farms are holding an open house to celebrate the Springwater Bicentennial, so our hike will provide a hiker’s perspective of the farm and the open house will provide a farmer’s perspective.

On Sunday we will hike on

Following the hike, weather permitting, we will have an outdoor social at Amanda’s Garden with a campfire in the fire pit. (If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the social will be inside at the All Western Tree Farm).  Bring a dish to pass (or make a contribution to the social fund) and your own beverage.

Meet at the All Western Tree Farm, 6840 Liberty Pole Road, where there is ample parking at the Christmas tree loading area between the tall Western red cedar and the barn.

The Naturalists will hike the lower portions of the tree farm, including the Western Red Cedars in the nursery and in the wind break. They will then drive to Amanda’s Garden for a hike around the Garden with commentary from Ellen Folts. and on a trail that has been built through the woods.

Petraitis Dairy and Beef FarmThe Tourists and Climbers will hike up to the Christmas Tree plantations, through a recently planted field and a field that is available for cutting. We will follow a trail back down to Liberty Pole Rd, cross the road and proceed to the back fields of the Petraitis Farm. After a loop around these fields, we will return to the cars and drive to Amanda’s Garden for a hike through the woods surrounding the garden.

Following the hikes, we will have an outdoor social at the Garden with a campfire as the evening cools down. Please bring a dish to pass (or contribute ($5) to the Social Fund), your own beverage and a folding chair if you would like to relax.

In case of rain, we will adjust the hike to end at the tree farm house, for an indoor social.

Directions: Click here for directions to the All Western Christmas Tree Farm.

From AWTF to Amanda’s Garden (for the second half of the hike): Turn left out of the driveway onto Liberty Pole Rd. The first cross road is Story Rd, marking the Town line between Springwater and Sparta. The Patricia Willsea Beef Farm (also part of Saturday’s open house) is on the north-east corner. Turn left onto Story Rd. Amanda’s Garden is on the left in 2 miles (just before Mead Hill Rd.