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Canadice Lake Paddle

A combination of the expectation of another hot, sunny Sunday and relaxing last week on Hemlock lake, plus the frustration of trying to find a pleasant hike from Reynolds Gull to Wheaton Hill Trails, has caused a change in our Sunday Bicentennial Hike.

canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 003This Sunday, we will take advantage of Canadice Lake, the smaller of the two undeveloped Finger Lakes north of the town of Springwater. Prior to the purchase of the land around these lakes by the City of Rochester, Canadice was known as the lake with cottages for the “locals”, while Hemlock catered more to the city folk. In celebration of the Springwater Bicentennial, the Hikers will take some extra time to explore some cottage foundations remaining on the west side of Canadice Lake.

We will all meet at the Canoe Launch near the south end of Canadice Lake.  Boaters should arrive by 3:30 to allow time to unload boats and transport them to the lake. Following the hike and boating, we will have a Dish to Pass social at the Canoe Launch. Bring a dish to pass or make a donation to the Social Fund. Also bring your own beverage.

canadice lake tri-modal - June 21, 2015 026Naturalists and Tourists will car pool to the south trail entrance and will follow the trail to the west side of the lake and up the west side. Checking the time, they will turn around to return to the cars and the canoe launch at 6:00.  Climbers preferring a longer one way trip, will car pool to the north end of Canadice and arrange for a ride back with the Naturalists at the end of the hike. This trail is wide and fairly flat, allowing all hikers to enjoy the lake.


Boaters will launch from the Canoe Launch and will head North along the shoreline to the boat launch, about a mile and a half. From there, we will head across the lake to return south to the canoe launch for a 4 or 5 mile trip.

Suggested landing area for trading kayak paddlers.

Suggested landing area for trading kayak paddlers.

A special suggestion: Boaters and Hikers may want to pair up, with one starting with the hikers and meeting the kayaker on the west side, where they can switch roles. With the low water level this weekend, landing is quite easy – the suggested location in the picture to the right is slightly north of the canoe launch. You can see the white tree above the landing area from the launch.  The path from the hike route to the water is marked by yellow tape. More information will be available at the start of the hike.

Directions: Click on Directions for detailed directions, or on the starting points below for Google directions.

HemlockCanadiceStateForestFrom Springwater: Go North on 15A for 2.7 miles. Bear right on Old Bald Hill Rd S and then an immediate right on Johnson Hill Rd. Take the first left onto Canadice Lake Rd. The Canadice Canoe Launch is 1.8 miles north of Johnson Hill Rd.

From Honeoye: Take Co Rd 37 South from 20A, Turn right after 3.7mi to stay on Co Rd 37. Stay straight onto Burch Hill Rd. At the lake, turn left onto Canadice Lake Rd. The Canadice Canoe Launch is 2.1 miles south of Burch Hill Rd.

From Hemlock and Rochester: Take NY Rt 15A south from Rochester through Lima and Hemlock.  Just past Hemlock, Rt 20A  goes left.  Continue straight on 15A for 3,2 miles after 20A.  Turn left on Purcell Hill.  At the end of Purcell Hill Rd, turn right onto Canadice Lake Rd on the east side of the lake.  The Canoe Launch is 2.9 miles south.

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Springwater Trail Maintenance

It is time for some trail maintenance on the Springwater Trail at Punky Hollow and Sugarbush Hollow in preparation for the Music Fair on September 17th and 18th.

The Crawdiddies Band will be at the 2016 Bicentennial Edition of the Springwater Music Fair and American Crafts Show

The Crawdiddies Band will be at the 2016 Bicentennial Edition of the Springwater Music Fair and American Crafts Show

We will meet on Pardee Hollow Rd near the intersection with Tabors Corners. Our task today will be to clean up the Springwater Trail between the Punky Hollow entrance east of the school house, to Sugarbush Hollow and Tabors Corners.  Bring loppers or clippers for cleanup and a weed whacker if you can.  Other tools will be available as needed.

We will split into up to four groups depending on attendance.  Each group will car pool to a different entrance to the trail, allowing us to cover the entire trail.

The Naturalists will drive to the entrance on the other side of the school house and will hike through Punky Hollow and Sugarbush Hollow and exit at Tabors Corners. This is primarily a cleanup task, trying to remove sticks and stones from the trail.  At the midpoint there are some rose bushes to push back from the edge of the trail while they are small. We hope to have a car at the exit for this group to use to get back to the start point. In addition, a few branches encroaching across the trail will need trimming. No weed wacker is needed with this group.

The Tourists will drive to the top of Coates Road and will hike down to Pardee Hollow.  Weed whacking and trimming as needed. Blazing signs at some corners are probably needed.

One Climbers Group will drive to the trail intersection with Pardee Hollow Rd below Sugarbush Hollow.  They will head west up the hill across from the Sugar House.  The will refresh the blazes and will weed whack.  At least one weed whacker should get to the tree plantation near the top of the hill and focus on the large task of mowing a trail across that mostly open field. This group may either return to the cars below the Sugar House, or continue hiking out to the trail head near the School House.

Our second Climbers Group will drive to the trail head on Tabors Corners.  They will walk from there to the Sugarbush and do a clean up on the west side of the hill.  Blaze signs will be used to refresh the blazes heading up the hill.  In addition, weed whacking up the orange trail will be done as time permits.  If time remains, week whackers should continue across the field at the top and join the first group cleaning the trail through the tree plantation.

Please join us following the work for a dish-to-pass social at the Punky Hollow Barn.  Please bring a dish to pass or make a small contribution to the social fund. Bring your own beverage.


From Springwater: go North on 15A for 0.8mi from the light. Turn right on Wheaton Hill Rd. At the tee, at the top of the hill, turn right onto Wetmore Rd. Bear right on Tabors Corner Rd. After 1.8 miles, turn left on Pardee Hollow Rd. Park on the right at the end of the barn farthest from Tabors Corners.

From Wayland: take Rt 21N for 3 miles. Turn left on Steuben Co Rd 37 (Tabors Corners Rd) at the Bowles Corners sign. Take the second right (3.6 miles) onto Pardee Hollow Rd. Park on the right.

From Honeoye: take W Lake Rd south. Turn right onto French Hill Rd. At the tee (at Dug Rd) turn right to stay on French Hill Rd. Take the first left on Garlinghouse/Atlanta Rd. Go Right on Pardee Hollow Rd and continue for 3.8 miles. Turn right to stay on Pardee Hollow Rd for 0.3 miles. Park on the left.

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The Railroad in Springwater

This Sunday, our Bicentennial Hike will follow a section of the old Erie Railroad. This section has been very well maintained by the many private landowners and runs along the west hillside overlooking Lawrence Gull and the Springwater valley. Springwater Trails Hiking GroupIMG_0345 W would like to thank the many private landowners that allow us to hike on their properties.

We will start the hike off Becker Road where the Erie Railroad once crossed and walk the railroad bed for about two miles to the north. There are some side trails heading up the hill toward Harpers Ferry Rd. The Climbers will venture off on some of the side trails where permitted returning back down to the railroad bed to continue on north.

At about 3:15, all groups will turn around and follow the railroad bed back to Becker Rd. The Naturalists will have the option to exit the railroad via a private trail down into Lawrence gull where a vehicle will be parked to shuttle them back to the start of the hike.

IMG_0339The after hike holiday social will be held at Sammy’s Place on Rt 15 about half a mile south of the light in Springwater.


From The village of Springwater, head South on Route 15 toward Wayland. At the top of Springwater hill turn right onto Becker Road. Drive about 2 miles (past Lawrence Gull Rd). We will meet at Pokey Moonshine Rd to start the hike.

From Dansville, head east on Route 63 toward Wayland. About 1 mile from Wayland, turn left onto Buffalo Street. Drive for about 2 miles, to a spot just past Pokey Moonshine Rd where the hike will start.

From Naples: take Route 21 to Wayland and continue West on Route 63 for 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Buffalo Street. Drive 2 miles, to a spot just past Pokey Moonshine Rd where the hike will start.

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Cemetery Hike

On Sunday, we are hiking between three cemeteries in Springwater, including the Green Gull Cemetery and the Pleasant Valley East Cemetery.  In between, we will visit a surprise cemetery tucked into the hills of Springwater. All three cemeteries are noted on the 1872 Atlas of Livingston County.  Click on the detailed map below to see the complete map of Springwater. The complete Atlas of Livingston County, New York, published by F. W. Beers & Co in 1872, is available on-line.Cemeteries Annotated

We will meet at 8664 Schribner Rd and carpool to the first cemetery.

Following the hike, join us for a pot luck social on Schribner Rd.  Bring a dish to pass and your own beverage, or make a small $5 donation to the social fund.

Three hikes are planned. The Naturalists will carpool about 2 miles west to Green Gull Cemetery on Canadice Rd near Strutt St.  This is a small cemetery above the road with graves of two veterans of the Revolutionary War. After exploring the cemetery, the Naturalists will follow Canadice Rd to Strutt St and climb Fox Rd to the top (about a 400 foot climb.  From there we will follow the old Gilles Rd as laid out on the 1872 map to the second cemetery. From there we will follow trails through the woods and back to the starting point.  This will be a 2 mile hike with both a climb up and down.

The Climbers and Tourists will carpool east to the Pleasant Valley Cemetery (East) on Tabors Corners Rd.  This cemetery is also known as the East Springwater or The Fair View Cemetery and it contains graves of one War of 1812 veteran and 19 Civil War veterans. After exploring the cemetery, we will follow a farmer’s road across the Cohocton Creek, and up a steep climb to the fields above the Schribner Valley. The trail crosses Schribner and continues up along Giles Rd to our second cemetery.  From there the Climbers will continue down Fox Rd to the Green Gull Cemetery.  As they pass the Naturalists going the other direction, they will collect keys to the Naturalists cars to return to the start point.  The Tourists will turn around at the second cemetery and follow the same route as the Naturalists back to the start point and the Social. A driver will be available to take drivers back to the Tabors Corners cemetery to pick up cars.

A note about the weather:  The forecast calls for temperatures in the 40s and showers between 2 and 6 on Sunday. So dress warmly and bring a raincoat or poncho.  Lets hope the forecast is off by a few hours.

Directions to the meeting place are available here.  Directions for the hikes and the carpools will be available the day of the hike.